How Secure is Your Financial Data in the Cloud?

Top 6 Reasons Your Data is Safe and Secure in the Cloud with Intacct

Is moving to a cloud based accounting solution a wise decision? Well, there are many myths about the cloud, but today let’s concentrate on one: safety.

The cloud – that global network of computers that everybody is talking about – is safe for your accounting data with a reliable software provider like Intacct.

So let's dive into this and look in more detail at how your data is safe in the cloud with Intacct.

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Webinar - How the Cloud Impacts Modern Day Financials

The cloud is truly transforming the CPA client relationship.  Perhaps nowhere is this more evident than in the area of financial reporting and advisory services. In this webinar we will explore this more closely from both the perspective of the practitioner as well as a leading accounting technology provider.

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Debunking The Top 3 Myths About Accounting In The Cloud

Although it's clear that the cloud is here to stay, from time to time we still have to ease the concerns of CFOs, CEOs, and board members about replacing their accounting system with cloud-based software. They are worried that the cloud is new, and as a result, there is no guarantee the data is safe and accessible. They worry they'll have no control over their data. And often they believe that cloud-based software must be more expensive.

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Intacct, the Ministry Tool that Helps Faith-Based Organizations Reach their Visionary Goals

“Drowning in a sea of Excel spreadsheets.“

“Plagued by confusion, delays and lack of confidence in reporting.”

“Cost and headaches of on-premise accounting systems and IT infrastructure.”

“Need for a user-friendly cloud solution that would support anytime, anywhere access while minimizing IT efforts.”

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The Price of Business - Marcus Wagner on the Revenue Recognition Rules Changes

Marcus Wagner Interviewed by Syndicated Columnist, Kevin Price

Marcus has become a regular contributor to Kevin's show and was recently asked to discuss some of the major changes coming to accounting rules and how businesses recognize their revenue. Some topics Marcus covers:

  • Why should companies partner with specialists when it comes to changes to accounting rules and technology?
  • How is the "Subscription Economy" affecting business today?
  • What are the Revenue Recognition changes coming in 2018 and 2019
  • What are the challenges these changes present to businesses and accounting departments? What about sales and marketing?
  • What are the advantages of these changes for companies?
  • Why is it imperative that companies start preparing for this NOW?

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Multi-Entity Accounting: Make Sure Your System Can Scale with Your Business

From the Perspective of an AcctTwo Implementation Consultant

As a Professional Services Manager at AcctTwo, I've been involved in dozens of implementations of Intacct's on-demand ERP products. When asked what I see as the key requirement or function of an ERP system for our customers, it's tough to pick just one. Along with the ability to provide powerful and relevant reporting, process automation, and configurability, I also see scalability as a key requirement. And one of the main ways in which we provide our customers with the ability to scale is through Intacct's multi-entity architecture.

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Are You Ready for ASC 606 and IFRS 15?

Every subscription-based business and services firm should be aware of ASC 606 (FASB ASU 2014-09) and IFRS 15, which substantially affect how revenue is recognized.

As Rev Rec rules are to become standard across all industries, we find that the changes will affect different industries in different ways. This report by independent research firm Blue Hill Research explains the impact of the changes and describes Intacct's first-to-market Contacts and Revenue Management solution for organizations seeking to understand how best to manage “performance obligations” and event-based revenue.

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Oracle Buys NetSuite

Software Giant Buys Downmarket Rival in $9.3BN Deal

In what will be the second largest deal in the company's 18-year history, Oracle has agreed to purchase NetSuite, the cloud-based ERP provider. The deal will likely close by year's end, subject to regulatory and shareholder approval. Oracle has been an aggressive acquirer of companies, most recently buying OPower, Inc. and Textura Corp., both providing cloud-based business systems for the utility and construction industries respectively.

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Four New Mandates for Finance in Tech Services Firms

Finance and Project Teams Can Drive Higher Growth and Customer Satisfaction

Whether your firm is in IT services, design services, R&D, or even construction consulting and other services disciplines, chances are you’re facing a growing set of complex operational and strategic challenges, such as those highlighted in the chart below. New fast-evolving business models and technologies—including the cloud, mobile devices, and the Internet of Things—are creating a defining moment for technical services firms that aim to control, rather than react to, these change agents.

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Dimensions in Accounting Software Part 2: Churches

How Is Dimensional Accounting Software a Must-Have for Churches?

I'm excited to follow up Baran Sonmez's recent blog post on Dimensions in Accounting Software with a look at how dimensionality is particularly important in the world of churches and faith-based organizations. For some background, I'm a Professional Services Manager at AcctTwo. As a tax accountant, programmer, and Intacct reporting and implementation specialist, I've spent more than 25 years in finance and technology, particularly church finance, and I've held financial analyst and finance director positions at two churches in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. I have a little experience with this!

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