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The Price of Business - Marcus Wagner on Core vs. Context

Marcus Wagner Interviewed by Syndicated Columnist, Kevin Price

Marcus has become a regular contributor to Kevin's show and was recently asked to discuss "Core vs. Context," a concept put forth by celebrated management consultant and author, Geoffrey Moore. Some topics Marcus covers:

  • Focusing on what it is that you're in business for (or your nonprofit's mission); what is your "Core"?
  • "Context," as everything else that has to be done for your business or nonprofit to be successful
  • Where does Finance and Accounting fit into this concept? What about the CFO's role?
  • How does technology play a role?
  • What examples are are there in specific industries?
Topics: Price of Business Videos Podcast

AcctTwo Customer, Sailpoint, Announces Cloud Adoption Survey Results

As a provider of cloud-based SaaS ERP solutions as well as Business-Process-as-a-Service solutions on the Intacct cloud platform, it always interests us to learn more about trends in cloud adoption among companies and nonprofits of all sizes. So it was especially interesting when one of our customers, Sailpoint, published some results of a survey of 100 of their customers at the Gartner IAM Summit about their plans for cloud adoption.

Topics: Software Industry Software and Technology Industry cloud adoption

The Subscription Economy, The Way of Doing Business Today

I used to buy movies and music. I still have my media shelves. I’m not prepared to completely let go of my CDs and DVDs yet, but now I subscribe to Hulu and have unlimited access to my favorite TV shows and movies. And for my music, I stream it on Spotify.

A young lady that I know is working on her MBA at the University of Texas at Austin. Soon after moving into her new apartment she sold her car to lower expenses.

Topics: Informational Revenue Recognition Subscription-Based Revenue Subscription Billing

The Changing role of the CFO

I’ve noticed a spring in the step and a smile on the face of many CFOs I’ve met recently. This is a trend that began as businesses recovered from the crash of 2008, and it appears to be directly connected to CFOs gaining influence in their companies. The best CFOs are loving it and are using this new found power to help their companies grow and look to the future.

Topics: KPI CFO tech-savvy cfo GAAP

The Present and Future of Cloud Computing in the Oil and Gas Industry

Ever since we debunked the myth that energy companies are not in the cloud, I’ve been thinking and doing more research. The question that kept coming to mind was: how strong is the presence of cloud computing in the energy sector today, and what about the future? Here is what I found...

Topics: Oil and Gas Industry Cloud computing Energy and Industrial cloud adoption

If you are considering an on-prem solution, I have a stock tip for you…

I’ve never been one to avoid discussing the elephant sitting in the middle of the room. I like to call it out, point out the size and colors of its ears, the peanuts it’s eating, and the mess it’s creating for the rest of us to clean up. It’s there … let’s not avoid it, ok?

So, the elephant sitting in my room today is the fact that companies are still considering on-premises accounting solutions. I don’t get it. Seriously. How can someone pick an old, antiquated system, or a 1990’s way of handling your accounting data? It doesn’t make sense to me.

Topics: legacy systems On-Premises

Intacct Dimensions: Why it Matters.

Intacct Dimensions - Business Metrics without Exploding Your Chart of Accounts

In today’s fast-paced business environment, senior managers require real-time metrics to measure the performance of their organizations. And, as the need for information increases, the time window to react and make informed decisions decreases.

Topics: Not-for-profit Industry Software Industry Faith-Based Informational Customer Success Intacct Dimensions

Please Help Mission of Hope Haiti with Hurricane Relief

Hurricane Matthew Leaves Devastation in Haiti

Haiti took a direct hit from Hurricane Matthew on October 5th. Reports indicate that more than 14,500 people have been displaced, 2,700 families are affected and 1,900 houses are flooded. The death toll has reached more than 65.

Haiti needs our help, and AcctTwo is supporting our customer, Mission of Hope Haiti, to provide help to those who need it.

Topics: Customer News

Does Your Accounting Software Make You Feel Like You're Running a Mechanic's Shop in Poland?

Blast from the past: A Commodore 64 Still Working to Balance Drive Shafts

Look, I don't want to take away anything from antiques or retro technology or anything like that. I myself have owned vintage Nintendos, guitar amps, and a pretty darn old Toyota Landcruiser. And last week's article on CNET pointing to a Facebook post on Commodore USA's page is pretty cool. An auto shop in Poland has been using a Commodore C64C to balance drive shafts, and the machine has been working "non-stop" for the last 25 years. Just take a look at the picture below (courtesy of Piotr Farmas via Commodore USA). There's not enough Armor All in all the waiting rooms of all the Jiffy Lube's in all the world to get that thing clean again.

Topics: legacy systems

Cloud Myth # 4: The Energy Industry is Not in The Cloud

If you've followed our blog, or heard us talk about cloud adoption in the energy sector, you've heard us say that energy companies are slow to adopt the cloud. It's become a kind of conventional wisdom, and something we just take for granted. But we started to wonder if it's actually true or not.

Topics: Oil and Gas Industry Energy and Industrial cloud adoption