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Leap the Pond Acquisition

 Frequently Asked Questions

    If you have additional questions or would like more information, please contact questions@accttwo.com

    General Questions

    It is very simple.  The two companies share attributes the lend themselves to a successful marriage.

    • A similar mission to enable the transformation of finance and accounting through innovative, best-in-class solutions.
    • A similar culture with an emphasis on creating a collegial, rewarding, and fulfilling workplace for our employees
    • A similar set of values led by integrity and making a difference

    There is no question the two companies are stronger together.  More experience.  Broader capabilities.  Expanded presence.

    For quite some time.  Both companies have explored opportunities to combine with other partners over the past few years.  During this time, we also talked with each other and kept coming back to a combination of AcctTwo and Leap the Pond being the best fit and the merger with the highest likelihood of success.

    It is really important to note that this acquisition is the result of 100s of hours of review and planning prior to an agreement being signed.  We dated and really got to know each other, learned how we work, and confirmed what each company wants to achieve together.  We have also gotten great advice from others that have been through this process.

    AcctTwo has two important meanings in its name that we plan to build on: 

    1. The future of finance and accounting – the second act if you will 
    1. The importance of taking action – the idea that each of our employees and customers want to act to impart change and transformation

    Mission: We Deliver the Future of Finance and Accounting 

    Vision: We believe there is always a better way of doing things. We are passionate about enriching the lives of our customers by giving them back their time and providing better tools to do their jobs, so they can have a real impact on the success of their organization. We love using technology to do amazing things. We are dedicated to fostering an environment that empowers our employees to realize their full potential in serving our customers and supporting and developing one another.

    It strengthens it.  AcctTwo has been recognized as Sage Intacct’s Partner of the Year from 2014-2018.  Leap the Pond quickly established itself as one of the top Sage Intacct partners and was recognized as its Rookie of the Year in 2015 and VAR Partner of the Year in 2016.  A strong pair. 

    What makes us unique is that from our founding, both companies have been dedicated to the Sage Intacct ecosystem.  We have proven we understand what it means to grow, what it means to be a good partner of Sage Intacct, and what is required to deliver strong results for our customers as we grow.   

    AcctTwo will continue to support Sage Intacct’s goal to help CFOs access integrated management and financial reports across their business entities—in minutes not days—to grow and drive their business. This acquisition is also intended to help Sage Intacct deliver on its growth goals by bringing to the ecosystem unparalleled breadth, depth, and experience.

    AcctTwo operates out of offices in Houston, Dallas, and Austin, TX.  With the addition of Leap the Pond, we also now have a presence in the northeast with an office in Milford, CT, conveniently located between Philadelphia, New York City, and Boston.  We have plans to open an office in New York City. 

    Customer & Prospect Questions

    Delivering additional value to our customers and employees was a major driver in moving forward with the combination of AcctTwo and Leap the Pond.  Some areas that we expect you to benefit from this combination include: 

    • Access to robust technical services (Leap the Pond customers).  AcctTwo has a talented team of developers to help build custom integration and customer functionality. 
    • Broader delivery capability.  The combined company will have more than 100 resources dedicated to supporting your Sage Intacct-based solution – whether you are using the solution with internal resources (VAR) or being provided a managed accounting service.

    Absolutely.  All negotiated terms will continue as previously agreed to between you and Leap the Pond.  Eventually, your agreement will be transitioned over to AcctTwo, but again, this will not change any arrangements you have in place with Leap the Pond regarding your pricing.

    If you are currently involved in an on-going implementation, your consultant will not be changed.  In addition, for the foreseeable future, your Leap the Pond Customer Success Manager, Antony Della Selva, and Leap the Pond Customer Support Specialist, Jim Beaulieu, will remain your key points of contact.  Eventually, we may decide to have our customer success and support team focus on vertical segments. 

    Most importantly, all the Leap the Pond resources will remain with AcctTwo, so the knowledge of your business and implementation will stay intact (pun intended.)

    Yes! All three are incredibly excited to be a part of AcctTwo and committed to the organization’s long-term success.  David will be taking on a role heading up marketing, as well as leading AcctTwo’s business development activities in the New York City metropolitan area.  Nancy will be leading a newly formed Center of Excellence to build scalable processes for employees and customers alike.  Andrea will be focusing on the development and delivery of our managed accounting services for the biotech vertical.

    No.  Your environment will remain unchanged.

    All Leap the Pond employees will start using the following email format: 


    For Example: David Furth would be dfurth@accttwo.com 

    All Leap the Pond phone numbers will remain in place for the time being.  Our main number is still 203 361 9200.

    If you have other questions or would like more information, please contact questions@accttwo.com