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AcctTwo Acquires Leap the Pond 


    We're very excited to make public our announcement that AcctTwo has acquired Leap the Pond. 

    We think it is very important to note that Leap the Pond and AcctTwo share attributes that lend themselves to a successful marriage:   

    1. A similar vision to enable the transformation of finance and accounting through innovative, best-in-class solutions
    2. A similar culture with an emphasis on creating a collegial, rewarding, and fulfilling work place for our employees
    3. A similar set of values led by integrity and making a difference 

    We encourage you to watch the personal messages from both David Furth, former President of Leap the Pond and AcctTwo's new SVP of Marketing as well as Marcus Wagner, AcctTwo's Founder and CEO, about why they're so excited to bring these organizations together.  For those who may have questions about this announcement, please take a look at our FAQ page or contact us at questions@accttwo.com

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