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AcctTwo and Intacct to Help Aly Energy Add Automation and Real-Time Visibility

Graduating to Intacct allows growing Oilfield Services company to manage multiple entities

AcctTwo and Intacct to Help Aly Energy Add Automation and Real-Time VisibilityHouston, TX - June 10th, 2015 - AcctTwo, a leading consulting firm and provider of cloud-based financial management solutions, announced that the firm will help Aly Energy (OTCBB: ALYE) graduate to Intacct to more efficiently manage multiple legal entities and provide robust and accurate reporting for top-level management. Aly Energy Services, Inc. is an oilfield rental and services company operating primarily in the North American shale plays.

Reasons for Selecting Intacct:

  • As a public company subject to Sarbanes-Oxley, strong internal controls were crucial, so Intacct's exclusive AICPA endorsement and SSAE16 SOC 1 Type II audit was key.
  • Intacct will save the company significant costs in the areas of reporting, job costing and job tracking.
  • Intacct's best of breed approach will allow any entity to choose their operational software and integrate it with Intacct.
  • Intacct will provide capabilities for automated reporting of revenues and gross margin by asset, by location, or by other key reporting dimensions.
  • Intacct provides enhanced options regarding inter-company transactions and multi-entity consolidations.
  • Intacct is scalable and can support the company’s future growth requirements.


Intacct Partner of the Year

“AcctTwo's experience in the oilfield services industry was a big factor in our selection."

-Alya Hidayatallah, CFO, Aly Energy

Reasons for choosing Intacct over other solutions evaluated:

  • Other products could not provide consolidated financial reporting across all of the company's legal entities.
  • Intacct's Dimensions and workflows were found to be powerful and flexible.

Highlighted Comments from Aly Energy Chief Financial Officer

"It is very important to us that our new system has strong accounting and general ledger capability, including multi-entity support and the ability to report by multiple dimensions, such as by asset or by location," said Alya Hidayatallah, CFO at Aly Energy. "We're also impressed with the strength of Intacct's statistical reporting on non-financial information."

Aly Energy selected AcctTwo as their implementation partner. According to Hidayatallah, "AcctTwo's experience in the oilfield services industry was a big factor in our selection."

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AcctTwo is a leading consulting firm and reseller of cloud-based accounting and financial management software. AcctTwo's sophisticated systems solve the issues growing middle market companies face today. AcctTwo also outsources back office processes, allowing clients to focus on the core competencies of their business. AcctTwo provides the people, processes, technology, and office facilities to perform these functions, while allowing clients to collaborate interactively through an on-line portal.

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