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The Challenges of Digital Transformation for Today's CFOs

Today's CFOs have a mandate to implement new technology across their organizations. A recent survey by Grant Thornton and CFO Research revealed that 69% of the senior finance executives who responded planned to invest more in technologies, with almost 40% increasing budgets by 10% or more. These efforts are intended to not only catch up with the competition, but also to surpass them with new offerings and a better customer experience. 

Unfortunately, the urgency of adopting new technology is matched by its complexity and difficulty.

Topics: CFO Finance Transformation

Considering an IPO? Make Sure Revenue Recognition is Covered

Taking a company public is both a major achievement and a major hurdle to clear. The IPO process is long, arduous, and highly detailed. And with new revenue recognition rules on the books, it's only getting harder.

Topics: Revenue Recognition ASC 606

Divestment Trends Support the Need for Managed Accounting Services

Everyone acknowledges this is a disruptive time for businesses. But it's still surprising that, according to a recent survey by Ernst & Young, up to 87% of companies plan to divest or carve out a division or business unit by 2020. Last year only 43% of businesses reported divestment plans.

The demands of rapidly evolving industries are requiring companies to be agile and flexible in order to be competitive.  But while spinning off a subsidiary may help the core company to become leaner, it leaves the company newly carved out in a precarious position.

Topics: Managed Accounting Services (MAS) Divestment

Church Accounting Software Buyer Trends for 2018

There are two developments transforming the way that churches operate. First, churches are increasingly relying on technology to manage large congregations, different initiatives and departments, and ever-expanding footprints. Second, they are increasingly obligated to practice accounting with the sophistication and transparency that people expect from major companies and large nonprofits.

Topics: accounting software church accounting Faith-Based

5 Ways to Ensure a Successful ERP Implementation

Most experts agree that the implementation is what ultimately determines the success or failure of an ERP or financial management software initiative. A solution could be advanced in every way, but if it's slow, expensive, or difficult to implement, the ROI will always fall short.

Topics: accounting software ERP Implementation

Could Analytics Help You Get in Front of Your Product’s Decline?

Some people call this an age of innovation. Others call it an age of disruption. No matter what your perspective is, deep change is the constant.

A recent survey of more than 800 UK businesses revealed that 2/3 believe innovation is crucial for survival. That makes sense at a time when small startups are unsettling entire industries and chipping into the market share of companies generations-old.

Topics: Business Intelligence / Analytics Adaptive Insights

How Artificial Intelligence Could Help Manage Contracts

Managing contracts is already a painful process. When the new revenue recognition rules outlined in ASC 606 go into full effect, the process will become even harder.

Beginning in December 2018 all companies will need to report revenue from all contracts in a new way. The goal is to make revenue recognition simple and more standardized across industries. But to achieve that, companies must follow new rules and adopt different practices.

Topics: Revenue Recognition Artificial Intelligence RPA ASC 606

The State of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – Key Takeaways

Robotic process automation (RPA) is a complex sounding name for a fairly simple concept. Anytime a process is performed by a robot or automation rather than a human it is an example of RPA. That includes everything from the robots that build cars to sophisticated systems that handle big data analysis.

Topics: Robotic Process Automation RPA

How Did the Recent Market Dip Affect SaaS Companies?

After years of rising fortunes and relative stability, the stock market went on a wild ride through the start of 2018. More than $5 trillion drained out of global equity markets over the first 10 days of February, and halfway through the Dow shed almost 1,600 points in one day – the largest single-day decline in history.

Now that the volatility has largely leveled off, investors and industry insiders are understandably eager to figure out exactly what this turbulence means for the future of markets. Looking at the stocks that plunged is important, but the stocks that made it through February relatively unscathed are just as instructive.

Topics: SaaS Cloud Computing / SaaS

Talent: The Elusive Ingredient in Your Big Data Strategy

Data is a priority for every organization these days. That could mean a full-blown big data initiative designed to capture all available data and analyze it as deeply as possible. Or it could mean a more modest effort simply aimed at organizing and leveraging data effectively. Either way, experience and expertise with data is invaluable.

With that in mind, recently released figures from the employment website Glassdoor make a lot of sense. Consider these eye-opening stats:

Topics: Business Intelligence / Analytics Adaptive Insights Big Data