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AcctTwo Blog

Video: Agility and flexibility in accounting with AcctTwo and Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct's software paired with AcctTwo's services gives businesses and nonprofits access to incredibly powerful and configurable software and processes.

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Takeaways from the Latest KPMG CEO Report

Every year KPMG conducts a comprehensive survey of CEOs from companies in diverse industries. The goal of the survey is to identify the issues, obstacles, and opportunities that are on the minds of today's business leaders.

The report is worth a read, because it reveals a lot about the current business atmosphere. But in order to save you some time we have highlighted the most relevant takeaways for CEOs with an eye on optimization and future success.

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Sage Intacct Just Keeps Getting Better

Sage Intacct Undergoes a Major Upgrade

The needs of today's accounting and finance professional are constantly growing and changing. In order to continue to be the ERP of choice for these professionals, Sage Intacct is always growing and changing too, releasing four full releases each year at no additional cost to users. We thought we'd highlight a few of Sage Intacct's most recent enhancements:

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Exploring ERP Evolution on the iPhone 10th Anniversary

The first iPhone went on sale June 29, 2007. Over the following decade, it became one of the most transformative technologies ever introduced. Few people realized it then, but that day in late June represented a major tech milestone.

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How is GAAP Accounting Like Baseball Statistics?

The relationship between baseball and accounting is not immediately obvious until you consider how detail-oriented both are. Baseball relies on a byzantine set of statistics; Accounting focuses on a dizzying array of figures. Success or failure is evident through metrics alone.

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The Definition of Cloud Computing - Revisited

The cloud has been at the center of the IT conversation for more than a decade now. But for much of that time the discussion has focused on the core benefits of the cloud – cost, simplicity, and flexibility – rather than its ongoing evolution. As a result, we tend to talk about the cloud as it existed 10 years ago rather than how it exists today.

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Managed Accounting Services Isn't an All or Nothing Proposition

Today's accounting departments are growing and evolving at a historic pace. Now that every conceivable business process has become driven by data, financial professionals have taken on huge new responsibilities for data management and analysis while still handling GAAP.

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Video: Get out of the Weeds with AcctTwo and Sage Intacct

Your accounting software should allow you and your staff to focus on higher-value tasks. AcctTwo customers discuss how Sage Intacct paired with AcctTwo's services can do just that.

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Beyond GAAP: Making the Most of Your Strategic Advantage

GAAP still has a role to play in financial reporting, but it's no longer the most important set of metrics for today's businesses. For today's forward-thinking CFOs, the real work involves looking beyond finance to facilitate every strategic advantage possible.

A strict focus on GAAP is necessary for regulatory compliance, but in the larger scheme of things it's just one responsibility for finance departments to manage. And, increasingly, it's become a responsibility that requires minimal input and oversight. Many financial applications have made GAAP adherence almost automatic. That means companies need to look beyond basic accounting functions to give themselves a competitive edge.

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The Growing Need for Managed Accounting Services

Data is the currency of the future. The organizations that make the most of the information flooding into their offices gain a distinct competitive advantage and lay the foundation for sustained success.

The challenge, however, is that data has no value unless it's tracked, stored, managed, and analyzed carefully. And while most companies have more than enough data to work with, few have the resources necessary to leverage it successfully.

That forces ambitious companies to make a difficult choice – add expensive new staff and technology to the ranks, or risk losing out on the next big opportunity. In order to resolve this catch-22 scenario, consider a third possibility.

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