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Benefits of Enhancing Your Accounting System with AP Automation

Recently we hosted our 6th annual Faith-Based Finance Collaborative. Bill.com has been a long-term partner and sponsor of our collaborative and presented at the event. Mitchell Yee, Senior Manager - Channel Partnerships at Bill.com, spoke to Cody Maynard - CPA, Pastor of Business Administration at Victory Life Church, about the benefits of enhancing your accounting system with AP Automation. 

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How to Manage Church Finances: Tips from the Texas Ministry Conference

We recently sponsored and attended this year’s virtual Texas Ministry Conference. The conference was created to provide tools and resources for people in all types of ministry and ministry support to help them better understand how to manage church finances. This includes churches, schools, and other nonprofit organizations.

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How Data Visualization Tools Enable Insights at a Glance

Sage Intacct released the Interactive Visual Explorer in their last quarterly release last year as a limited release. The Interactive Visual Explorer (IVE) allows you to explore your financial data using a multi-angle, multi-dimensional graphical tool. With data visualization tools, you clearly understand insights at-a-glance. You don’t need special skills or IT to explore your data. And, you turn insights into action with visual storytelling and narration. So, you can transform your business strategy and make strategic, data-driven decisions.

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Faith-Based Finance Collaborative 2021 Recap

Last week marked our 6th annual Faith-Based Finance Collaborative. This year due to COVID-19, we went virtual with a record number of registrations! We are blessed with so many amazing clients and partners.

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Where Do I Start Post-COVID Recovery? A Business Continuity Plan Checklist

It has been an unprecedented year filled with highs and undeniable lows. We not only survived – we thrived. We learned what it means to truly pivot and overcome great challenges. At the same time, we celebrated every success in lockdown and learned what we are truly capable of.

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Measuring What Matters in Nonprofits

The right nonprofit financial management system can enable the access to statistical financial and operational data so you can automatically calculate key metrics such as financial (revenue), statistical (membership), or a combination (donations per attendee). And it can offer the visibility, automation, access, and adaptability you need to grow your organization or ministry and succeed. Whether you benefit from fast and easy reporting or automating processes that yield greater efficiencies, you will be a better steward of your funds when you start measuring what matters in nonprofits.

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What Do I Need to Raise Capital?

The preparation required to raise capital is one of the hardest things a founder can do and it will consume a significant amount of your time. Given what we are experiencing with COVID-19, it is even more challenging. Interestingly, today “the biggest change lies in not the money itself, but the appetite for uncertainty. Most investors are going to be more cautious currently, which will require some form of uncertainty premium as a part of the terms. One way to ensure that you can raise money confidently in this time is to get intimately familiar with cash flow on a day-to-day, week-to-week basis.” 

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What's new in Sage Intacct's Release 1 2021

Sage Intacct Release 1 for 2021 is live and we are here to give you an overview of the new features you rely on to make your job easier. In Release 1, you'll notice cash management, general ledger, accounts receivable, and financial reporting updates. These are just a handful of what's new in the 2021 Sage Intacct Release 1.

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Infographic: Technology Challenges for Nonprofits

The past year, there have been countless technology challenges for nonprofits. After some quick adaptations, the future looks very promising. That’s the story told by the data within the 2021 Nonprofit Technology Trends Survey results.

As you’ll see in the infographic below, nonprofit organizations faced a tough landscape, with many unique challenges around the pandemic, including disruption to programs and declining donations.

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Managed Accounting Consulting Enables Advanced Analytics

The proliferation of automation and digitization technologies over recent years has been a boon for all. Enterprises of all sizes and across all industries are replacing manual, paper-based processes with machine intelligence and robotic capabilities. These companies have achieved even more impressive benefits than many expected enabled by the adoption of managed accounting consulting.

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