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Cloud ERP: Two More Execs Leave SAP

Bob Calderoni and Kevin CostelloWe JUST posted a link to an article from May about the departure from SAP of Lars Daalgard, the founder of SuccessFactors, a cloud-based human capital management company acquired by SAP to help move the legacy giant into the SaaS marketplace. He lasted less than a year, and now we hear that two more executives with so-called "cloud DNA" have decided to move on. 

One, Bob Calderoni, was essentially Daalgard's replacement as SAP's top man in the cloud arena. He and Kevin Costello, the other one leaving, were both originally from Ariba, a cloud-based procurement company SAP purchased in August of 2012. Here is a link to the article in Business insider:

SAP's Top Cloud Guy Has Left Causing SAP To Reshuffle Some Software Units

Pay partcular attention to the information about Shawn Price, Calderoni's replacement, and the quote from Price's former boss at Zuora that "Oracle and SAP are dead. They just don't know it yet." Interesting stuff.


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