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A Big Picture View of How AcctTwo Grows Successfully

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Learning that AcctTwo was named Partner of the Year by Sage Intacct for the sixth straight year was quite humbling.  When I founded AcctTwo in 2010, while I certainly had big plans, I never imagined that we would garner the recognition that we have received not only from Sage Intacct, but also from the Houston Business Journal, Inc. 5000, and most importantly, the nearly 1,000 customers we have worked with and their reviews on G2 and their Net Promoter Scores for us. 

As every founder and CEO knows, the credit for success does not lie with the CEO, but with the high-performing team she or he is surrounded by. 

I certainly have been blessed to work with a group of people since our founding that are smart, dedicated, caring, and honest.  Our more than 100 employees believe in our vision of delivering the future of finance and accounting and are driven to make this vision a reality for our customers. 

7 Reasons to Move to Cloud Financials Now White PaperI am also blessed to have a partner like Sage Intacct.  Throughout my career, I’ve worked with many software and technology companies. Sage Intacct truly sets itself apart.  And while it won’t come as a surprise that I believe they have the best product in the market, what sets them apart goes well beyond that.  They are truly invested in leading their customers into the future, intelligently leveraging the most advanced technologies – for example, massive commuting power, data science, and artificial intelligence. 

But from my experience, what truly sets Sage Intacct apart is that they care.  They care about their customers.  They care about their partners. They care about their employees.  This guides their decisions and drives their success. 

So in the end, when I consider why we have had the success we have had, the answer is clear.  Great employees and a great partner.

I look forward to hearing your feedback. Why have you been successful?

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