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AcctTwo Gives Back: It’s Our Privilege to Help Our Community

All of us at AcctTwo believe that community means more than what we can see outside our office doors. We think of the concept of community beyond geography. We proudly count our employees and their families, as well as our customers, partners, peers, and neighbors as part of the community we serve. At AcctTwo, it’s our privilege and honor to be part of this community and we seek to strengthen each person so we can all become stronger together.

Driven by Our Core Values

One of our core values states “We are driven by our employees’ and customers’ success.” Recently, we’ve seen a shift in the ways companies measure success. For us, measuring success isn’t just about profits: We are honored by your referrals and the trust you place in us to help your colleagues and family; and we celebrate a high customer satisfaction grade as an indicator our clients are happy.

AcctTwo Gives Back draft

“We are driven by our employees’ and customers’ success.”


Frequently for us, success means bringing the skills and experience of each community member to the forefront to add to the quality of life for all. Historically, we’ve utilized introductions, education, consultation, and general help to support the idea that through a strong community each person will receive unwavering support to help them thrive.

Collaboration has always been at the heart of our culture and we are always looking for opportunities to learn more about how we might best serve our community at large. We are here for you, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for advice or support. Our collective experience and extended connections might have what you need to solve your unique concern or issue, so we hope you’ll reach out to us even if it’s not about accounting software and services. For example, if you need help managing your growing organization, we can connect you to our PEO or our HR Leader.

What's Next

In this blog, we are going to feature activities and outcomes to inspire and inform you. Read about bringing the Faith-Based accounting and finance together for our fifth Faith-Based Finance Collaborative. And stay tuned to see our progress towards "100 Deeds for 10 Years," our way of celebrating our 10-year anniversary as a company.

Our hope is you’ll read something that might motivate you to take action yourself to give back, or think of some way that we can help you overcome an obstacle and chart a way forward. We hope you’ll check back in often (or subscribe to this blog to get updates sent to your inbox) to see how we're supporting our communities. 

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