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AcctTwo's Head of Nonprofit Shares Remote Audit Tips at Nonprofit Finance Leaders Forum

paperless auditsAllison Webb, Head of NFP at AcctTwo, and Dave Abel, Principal Solution Consultant at Sage Intacct, discussed paperless audit tips and walked through some example dashboards recently at the Nonprofit Finance Leaders Forum. Get your organization ready for paperless and remote audits by implementing Sage Intacct. Here are some highlights from the webinar!  

Get the Auditor on Board 

Auditors can be stuck in their ways; you need to get them open to a better process and show them what they can do in Sage Intacct. Walk through the process with your auditor or do a demo for them to learn how to navigate around. It is okay to open your system to auditors by giving them read-only access. This allows them to see the process with increased efficiency. They can pull items 24/7 and request more information or ask questions through the Collaborate and Checklist feature. Using dashboards gives auditors the information they are looking for. 

Set up Roles and Permissions 

Auditors want to see how you have your permissions set up. They can do this by running the Audit Log, which shows all activity by all users. It is recommended to check the Audit Log on a monthly basis to keep yourself and your employees safe. You can also create Smart Events, which will alert a user when a specific change in data is made. 

Dashboard Possibilities 

Here are some different possibilities you can set up with dashboards: 

paperless auditsReal Time Audit/Tax Reporting (Compliance) 

  • Statement of Activities 
  • Statement of Operations 
  • 990 Reporting: Statement of Revenue & Statement of Functional Expense 
Quantitative and Qualitative Transparency 

  • Disclosure Amounts 
  • Footnotes 
  • Collaborative: Financial Statement Notes and back-up support – Share the Narrative 
Prepared by Client (PBC) 

  • Set up Checklist – can assign, track due dates, progress of completion and add notes 
  • Collaborative Attachments (Audit Portal): Board Minutes, Bank Statements, Annual Reports, Supporting Schedules, Organizational Charts, etc. 
  • Analysis Reports: Trial Balance, Bank Reconciliations, Aging, Check Register, etc.
  • System Records: Approval Queues, Allocations, Bank Accounts, etc. 
  • Internal Application Links: Cash Management, Fixed Assets, etc. 
  • External Links: Bank Accounts, Websites, etc. 
  • Be Creative! 

Allison Webb-2About Allison Webb, AcctTwo’s Head of Nonprofit 

Allison is AcctTwo’s Head of Nonprofit. She is a highly regarded CPA with more than 20 years of audit and advisory services at both national and regional public accounting firms. Prior to joining AcctTwo, she spent 16 years at CapinCrouse LLP and 4 years at Aprio LLP (formerly HA&W). As a Partner at CapinCrouse LLP, Allison worked with churches, foundations, universities, international mission organizations, private schools, and relief and development organizations. 

In addition to her CPA work, Allison is a frequent speaker at nonprofit conferences and seminars. You might recognize Allison from her speaking engagements at AcctTwo’s Faith-Based Finance Collaborative and Sage Intacct Advantage. Allison is a registered CPA in both Texas and Georgia. She holds a BA in Accounting from Mercer University in Macon, Georgia. 

On a personal note, Allison is originally from Atlanta, Georgia. She has been living in Dallas, TX for three years. She has been married to her husband, Kenny, for 19 years and they have two beautiful girls, Kayla (15) and Lexi (11). “I love to spend time with my family and go on road trips – we have been to 16 states in the last three years!” said Webb. 

Allison works out of AcctTwo’s Dallas, Texas office. 

Topics: Not-for-Profit and Faith-Based