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Allison Webb

Allison Webb

Recent Posts by Allison Webb:

Simplifying Your Church Budget Challenges

Recently we hosted our 6th annual Faith-Based Finance Collaborative. As part of the event, Martus Solutions, presented a session on what to avoid and how to make managing your church budget easier.

Topics: Faith-Based budgeting

Benefits of Enhancing Your Accounting System with AP Automation

Recently we hosted our 6th annual Faith-Based Finance Collaborative. Bill.com has been a long-term partner and sponsor of our collaborative and presented at the event. Mitchell Yee, Senior Manager - Channel Partnerships at Bill.com, spoke to Cody Maynard - CPA, Pastor of Business Administration at Victory Life Church, about the benefits of enhancing your accounting system with AP Automation. 

Topics: Faith-Based General

How Data Visualization Tools Enable Insights at a Glance

Sage Intacct released the Interactive Visual Explorer in their last quarterly release last year as a limited release. The Interactive Visual Explorer (IVE) allows you to explore your financial data using a multi-angle, multi-dimensional graphical tool. With data visualization tools, you clearly understand insights at-a-glance. You don’t need special skills or IT to explore your data. And, you turn insights into action with visual storytelling and narration. So, you can transform your business strategy and make strategic, data-driven decisions.

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Faith-Based Finance Collaborative 2021 Recap

Last week marked our 6th annual Faith-Based Finance Collaborative. This year due to COVID-19, we went virtual with a record number of registrations! We are blessed with so many amazing clients and partners.

Topics: church accounting church ministry Faith-Based Church Accounting Basics Mission Organization Sage Intacct Church Accounting Software

Infographic: Technology Challenges for Nonprofits

The past year, there have been countless technology challenges for nonprofits. After some quick adaptations, the future looks very promising. That’s the story told by the data within the 2021 Nonprofit Technology Trends Survey results.

As you’ll see in the infographic below, nonprofit organizations faced a tough landscape, with many unique challenges around the pandemic, including disruption to programs and declining donations.

Topics: Not-for-profit Industry Faith-Based not-for-profit Infographic

Using Outcomes to Measure Nonprofit Success

With intense competition for donor dollars—and funders insisting on greater accountability and visibility—nonprofits must show fiscal responsibility as well as program results. Agile nonprofit organizations have learned that using outcomes to measure nonprofit success facilitates the financial transparency that's in demand. Like them, you can use outcome metrics to easily measure and report on your organization's performance which enables nonprofit financial transparency.

Topics: Not-for-profit Industry Faith-Based not-for-profit Metrics

Trend: Nonprofit Financial Transparency Proves Challenging

Successful nonprofit organizations have implemented outcome metrics to provide nonprofit financial transparency, measure, and report on their performance. Outcome metrics not only show funders and constituents how the organization is performing; they also help pave the way for sustainable growth and greater efficiency. 

Topics: Not-for-profit Industry Faith-Based not-for-profit Metrics

Nonprofit Financial Management Software Helps VisitDallas Save Time

The team at VisitDallas is enjoying benefits from their new implementation of nonprofit financial management software. Their legacy system could not properly reflect the organization’s true structure and reporting, and was time-consuming and error-prone. Read about how the team worked with AcctTwo to automate their processes, bolster internal controls, and actually start enjoying their integrated nonprofit financial management software.

Topics: Not-for-profit Industry Faith-Based not-for-profit General

Church Succession Plan Template: Next Steps

Prov 28:2: “When a land transgresses, it gains a succession of leaders, but with an understanding and knowledgeable man, its stability endures.” Plan earlier than you think. The person with the most time wins, and after leading through a pandemic, who knows how long that will be.

In a post-COVID world I see significant changes in succession planning. I think that there will be unexpected resignations resulting in swiftly planed successions. The stress of the pandemic has been unprecedented. I predict that we’ll start to see leaders resigning in their 40s and early 50s to lead outside the church. Leading through 2020 has had the stress of 10 normal years. They aren’t going to have gas in the tank,” Todd Clark, Senior Associate in Senior Leadership at Slingshot Group.

It’s been a tough year, and I think it’s been hardest on upper leadership. When I spoke to Mark Brown, he mirrored Todd Clark’s comments on leading through COVID. He said, “leading through Hurricane Harvey was tough but leading through COVID has been exhausting. It’s called compassion fatigue. You need to force yourself to practice self-care and take time off. Leaders that make it through the pandemic are going to be a tough bunch”.

From start to finish, talking to so many experts and colleagues has given me so much insight into what a good succession plan looks like, and it is true: if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Topics: back office Faith-Based succession Planning

AcctTwo Honored to Have Faith-Based Clients on the Best Christian Workplaces Institute List

The Best Christian Workplaces Institute (BCWI) honored 157 faith-based organizations as Certified Best Christian Workplaces for 2020.

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