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Alyssa Nunez

Alyssa Nunez

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AcctTwo's Head of Nonprofit Shares Remote Audit Tips at Nonprofit Finance Leaders Forum

Allison Webb, Head of NFP at AcctTwo, and Dave Abel, Principal Solution Consultant at Sage Intacct, discussed paperless audit tips and walked through some example dashboards recently at the Nonprofit Finance Leaders Forum. Get your organization ready for paperless and remote audits by implementing Sage Intacct. Here are some highlights from the webinar!  

Topics: Not-for-Profit and Faith-Based

AcctTwo’s Head of Nonprofit, Allison Webb Guests on Vanderbloemen Webinar

Allison Webb, Head of NFP at AcctTwo, and William Vanderbloemen, CEO at Vanderbloemen, discussed planning for financial transitions with systems, processes, and people recently on a webinar. It is becoming more and more critical to have nonprofit succession plans for accounting and back-office staff vs. succession planning for leadership roles. Watch the webinar, hosted by Vanderbloemen, to hear their full discussion – below are highlights from the conversation.   

Topics: Not-for-Profit and Faith-Based

AcctTwo’s Head of Nonprofit, Allison Webb, Guests on MinistryPlatform’s User Group

AcctTwo’s Head of Nonprofit, Allison Webb, recently spoke at MinistryPlatform’s “Evaluating Church Finances Post-COVID” User Group. Allison and Glenn Wood, Seacoast Church’s Administrator, discussed how to approach your churches finances during these changing times.

Topics: Not-for-Profit and Faith-Based

How to Manage Church Finances: Tips from the Texas Ministry Conference

We recently sponsored and attended this year’s virtual Texas Ministry Conference. The conference was created to provide tools and resources for people in all types of ministry and ministry support to help them better understand how to manage church finances. This includes churches, schools, and other nonprofit organizations.

Topics: Texas Ministry Conference Not-for-Profit and Faith-Based

How to Plan Well for 2021 to Avoid Church Financial Problems

Last week we hosted a webinar with Vanderbloemen that talked about effective financial leadership and preparing well for 2021 to help you avoid church financial problems. It is such an important topic for the churches we work with – especially learning to serve in this new post-pandemic world.

Topics: Not-for-Profit and Faith-Based

How to Know It’s Time to Switch to Cloud Based Accounting Software

It’s likely that when your company was started or founded that your executive team went with the easiest, quickest, and most cost-friendly accounting software to handle its accounting needs just to get things started. But the truth is that start-ups outgrow the tools that launched the company. Not only can your old system be outdated, but ability to handle higher volumes of work might even be inhibiting your ability to grow.

Topics: accounting software ERP cloud accounting Accounting Finance Automation Sage Intacct ERP Cloud General

Sage Intacct Cloud Accounting Software Action UI Changes May 15, 2020

Action is a powerful user interface built to save you time because it models the way you work. It utilizes new innovations to facilitate high productivity across your organization. On May 15, 2020, Sage Intacct will officially switch to the new Action UI by default. This means that the option to switch back to the previous UI will be disabled for most Sage Intacct cloud accounting users.

Topics: accounting software cloud accounting Accounting Sage Intacct

Takeaways from the 2020 Texas Ministry Conference

Recently we sponsored and attended the Texas Ministry Conference in Houston, Texas. The vision of the Texas Ministry Conference is to provide tools and resources for people in all types of ministry and ministry support.

Topics: church ministry Church Accounting Software Texas Ministry Conference Not-for-Profit and Faith-Based