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Baran Sonmez

Baran Sonmez

AcctTwo Senior Solution Architect

Recent Posts by Baran Sonmez:

Home Service Software: Avoid the Growing Pains

Home services providers can become victims of their own success if they’re not prepared to scale important processes and home service software to match growth. Hiring more technicians and buying additional equipment are the obvious steps. Less obvious but equally important is scaling the accounting function, including the technology it relies on. Small degrees of growth can translate into drastically larger, faster, and more complex accounting obligations. And if a home services CFO and their team can’t meet those obligations, it creates countless liabilities that make success less sustainable and financial disaster more likely.  

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AcctTwo Guide for the Software Accountant Preparing for a New ERP

What Questions Should You and Your Team Be Able to Answer?

So you’ve outgrown your current software accountant solution or ERP system. It’s either an entry level product like QuickBooks or Xero and your business has grown in size and complexity and needs a more sophisticated solution, or you’re embracing the cloud and Software-as-a-Service, and have learned what thousands of other companies have discovered: that with new available technologies, even small to midsize companies can take advantage of ERP sophistication once reserved for much larger enterprises.

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Dimensions in Accounting Software

From the Perspective of an AcctTwo Implementation Consultant

I was recently asked what aspect of implementing Intacct's accounting and ERP software seems to have the greatest impact and benefit for our customers, and I would have to say that, in my opinion, Intacct's Dimensions are the most impactful feature that we implement. Most of our customers come from a world of legacy accounting software that required them to add dozens or hundreds (and even thousands!) of GL accounts to their accounting system just to make a specific distinction that can be done easily with dimensions. As an example, customers might have an account for Fixed Assets. If they wanted to report on that account by location, they would have to create a separate account for Fixed Assets for each location. With dimensions, we're able to set up just one account, but we can still report on that account by location or any other aspect we define.

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