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Brett Michalson

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A Realistic Look at Future Technologies and How They Impact Accounting

At AcctTwo, we strive to deliver the future of finance and accounting to our customers, but what is that future?  In this series I’ll share my perspective on some of the rapidly changing technology solutions that marketing departments and the media are hyping as up-and-coming technologies in this space, and how I see them impacting finance and accounting departments.

Topics: The Future of Finance and Accounting

The Importance of a Reporting Strategy When Implementing ERP

Advice from AcctTwo's Chief Technology Officer

Part of our customer success methodology is to conduct a project close interview with project stakeholders at the end of every Intacct ERP implementation. Along with capturing a quantitative customer satisfaction score that contributes to our overall Net Promoter Score, we also ask qualitative questions about how the implementation went and whether we provided the necessary leadership, communication, and training to make the project a success. One response I too commonly receive is: "The implementation went really well but there are some reports and dashboards we still want to have built."

Topics: management reporting ERP Financial Reporting reporting Implementation Operational Reporting

Three Common Misconceptions about Cloud Computing

When I speak with business people about cloud technology, I often hear the same set of concerns. Many of these concerns originate from established IT groups currently providing business services, while other concerns come from assumptions about technology that may have been valid five years ago but aren't true today. With the fast pace of improvements in cloud technology, holding on to these outdated misconceptions can be costing your business.

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Cloud-Computing is the Future for Business Applications

Cloud applications have taken off for individuals (ex: Facebook, Google Docs, Twitter), but as cloud applications continue to mature, businesses are coming around as well. Cloud-computing is now a buzz-word in the software industry, and for good reason: the advantages of cloud applications are abundant. As more businesses are seeing the value proposition the cloud offers, the field of worthy cloud-based business applications continues to grow. 

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