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Marcus Wagner

Marcus Wagner

Marcus is the founder and CEO of AcctTwo, a services and technology company delivering the Future of Finance and Accounting to nearly 1,000 organizations throughout the country. Marcus and his team have firsthand experience implementing the processes, controls, and technology needed to optimize financial resources, no matter the amount.

Recent Posts by Marcus Wagner:

Ascent Conference: Finance & Accounting Playbook

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of participating in this year’s Ascent Conference, a staple of the startup, SaaS, and venture capital communities in the Greater NYC area. Because of COVID, the event was held virtually. I gave a keynote presentation on “How to Extend Your Runway with a Finance and Accounting Playbook.” As the founder and CEO of AcctTwo, a services and technology company delivering the Future of Finance and Accounting to nearly 1,000 organizations throughout the country, my team and I have firsthand experience implementing the processes, controls, and technology needed to optimize financial resources for SaaS companies at variety of growth stages. As a result of this experience, we’ve developed a Finance and Accounting Playbook that I shared during the keynote. The effects of COVID-19 for the past few months have only reinforced the need for this kind of planning.

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Proactive Planning Playbook Is More Important than Ever

Like many of you, I’ve been stuck at home trying to rethink my daily life under the new threat, stress, and uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic. Questions about how we shop for groceries, how our kids continue to get their educations, how we safely socialize, and how we don’t lose our minds during this time period have challenged us to find answers daily

And we’re the lucky ones – those of us with jobs and in good health. I’ve come to the realization that everything this year will be seen later through the lens of this crisis, including the need for a proactive planning playbook in many areas of our lives and businesses.

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AcctTwo Gives Back: It’s Our Privilege to Help Our Community

All of us at AcctTwo believe that community means more than what we can see outside our office doors. We think of the concept of community beyond geography. We proudly count our employees and their families, as well as our customers, partners, peers, and neighbors as part of the community we serve. At AcctTwo, it’s our privilege and honor to be part of this community and we seek to strengthen each person so we can all become stronger together.

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A Big Picture View of How AcctTwo Grows Successfully

Learning that AcctTwo was named Partner of the Year by Sage Intacct for the sixth straight year was quite humbling.  When I founded AcctTwo in 2010, while I certainly had big plans, I never imagined that we would garner the recognition that we have received not only from Sage Intacct, but also from the Houston Business Journal, Inc. 5000, and most importantly, the nearly 1,000 customers we have worked with and their reviews on G2 and their Net Promoter Scores for us. 

As every founder and CEO knows, the credit for success does not lie with the CEO, but with the high-performing team she or he is surrounded by. 

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Tectonic Shift in Measuring Success Is Taking Place – Are You Ready?

What is the new statement?  Why is it groundbreaking?  What have been the reactions to it?  What metrics can be used to measure an organization's success or failure to meet these new directives? How can CFOs and Finance teams leverage today's technology to provide these measurements?

On August 19th, the influential Business Roundtable (BRT), an association of the CEOs of roughly 200 of America’s largest companies, published a new statement of corporate purpose that has drawn praise, criticism, and skepticism. The new statement is groundbreaking and it's worth reading.

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“The Future of Finance & ERP Accounting” means many things

The Future of Finance and ERP Accounting Changes 5 Important Mindsets

As a leader or future leader of the accounting and finance team at your organization you must play a prominent role in what is coming next. Your CEO, your Executive Director, your Board will expect more from your team than reporting the results from the previous month faster, projecting your cash position 30 days out based on recorded AR and AP, or meeting your filing deadlines on time. They will want your help to create a better customer experience, predict market changes based on current trends in demand, and recommend investment opportunities.

Topics: The Future of Finance and Accounting

Managed Accounting Services: From Economies of Scale to Economies of Skill

ACCOUNTING TODAY-- Everything would seem to be “as-a-service” these days: infrastructure, platform, software, government, healthcare, storage and more. There is now even the term “anything as a service” or XaaS, which encompasses this entire movement. So, I apologize in advance to adding to the jargon with this discussion of Business-Process-as-a-service (BPaaS) and Managed Accounting Services (MAS).

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AcctTwo Customer, SailPoint, up 8% after Successful IPO

SailPoint Seen as a Strong Buy and Valued at More Than $1 Billion after First Day of Trading

At AcctTwo, we're laser focused on the success of our customers, so when we heard the news about SailPoint's successful IPO last week, we had to share it. SailPoint is the leader in enterprise identity management. The company’s open identity platform gives organizations the ability to enter new markets, scale their workforces, embrace new technologies, innovate faster and compete globally. As both an industry pioneer and market leader in identity governance, SailPoint delivers security, operational efficiency and compliance to enterprises with complex IT environments. Their customers are among the world’s largest companies in virtually every industry, including: 9 of the top banks, 7 of the top retail brands, 6 of the top healthcare providers, 6 of the top property and casualty insurance providers, and 6 of the top pharmaceutical companies.

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Customer Success: How Do We Measure It and How are We Doing?

As a reseller of Software-as-a-Service financial and ERP solutions as well as Business-Process-as-a-Service outsourced accounting, everything we do at AcctTwo requires us to be focused on the success of our customers because we have to win their business each and every year. We are actually obsessed with customer success. In any industry that has moved to a subscription model, you'll hear how important customer success has become. As an example, last year's Software CEO/CFO Outlook survey from SandHill revealed that customer success and customer satisfaction had become the most important initiatives across the Software and Technology sector. I predict that 2016's survey will reveal something very similar.

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The Future of Finance and Accounting: Technology and Audit

In April 2016, we at AcctTwo participated in the Tech-Savvy CFO Seminar Series, an extension of the Tech-Savvy CFO concept conceived by Intacct and Brian Sommer of TechVentive, a leading industry analyst and forward-thinker. In his presentation, Brian talked about the changing nature of accounting, the rise of big data, the move to the cloud for technology, and what the future will likely hold for CFOs, CPAs, and accounting departments. 

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