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Peter Wagner

Recent Posts by Peter Wagner:

What are the Top CFO Priorities of 2018?

CFO magazine recently surveyed financial executives at six large and mid-sized companies to determine their top priorities for 2018. The sample size may be small, but the insights offered are substantial and the issues addressed apply to every accounting department. This is what industry leaders are thinking about most at the start of the year:

Topics: CFO Accounting Strategy

Predictions for the Accounting Profession in 2018

The accounting profession is in the midst of a sweeping transformation. The expectations, capabilities, priorities, and practices of finance & accounting are all in flux. These changes are being fueled by advances in technology, new competitive demands, and a growing acknowledgment that the industry is overdue for innovation and evolution.

The mood in the industry is excited but also a little uncertain. Accountants are understandably anxious about what their role will be moving forward. That is hard to know, but the best way to prepare is to track where the industry is headed and occupy a position ahead of the curve.

Topics: Accounting cyber-attack Operational Reporting CPA

Is Big Data a Bust?

If you roll your eyes a little when you hear the phrase "Big Data," you're hardly alone. For around a decade now we have heard endlessly about the vast potential of a data-driven future. And everything from restaurant service to automotive safety was supposed to improve once analytics were applied. The key to unlocking anything and everything was promised. Unfortunately, it hasn't arrived yet.

Topics: Business Intelligence / Analytics Big Data

What on Earth is Platformization?

Anyone with even a passing interest in enterprise IT has probably encountered the term "platform" recently. But despite the ubiquity of the term, it's often misunderstood. And as a result of that confusion, it's possible to make disastrous decisions in terms of technology. Use this quick overview to get up to speed.

Topics: best-of-breed best-in-class Platform Suite

Diginomica: AI Bots Are Coming to Midmarket Finance and Accounting

In a recent article, Diginomica co-founder Jon Reed gives us his take on Sage Intacct's announcement of a new artificial intelligence (AI) bot, Pacioli. Fra Luca Bartolomeo de Pacioli was a 15th Century Franciscan Friar who is widely considered the father of double-entry accounting. At Sage Intacct's Advantage user conference in Las Vegas in October, Aaron Harris, Sage Intacct Senior Vice President and Head of Engineering and Technology, publicly announced the development of Pacioli as Sage Intacct's next major technological addition to its cloud-based financial management software.

Topics: Diginomica Sage Intacct Artificial Intelligence Robotic Process Automation

Avoiding a Shortsighted Approach to Financial Planning and Analysis

Accounting technologies often celebrate their ability to collect all financial data in one place and make instant access available to every number cruncher on the team. But what if those advantages were actually limitations?

The practice of financial planning and analysis is evolving quickly and moving far outside the scope of budgets and balances alone. Decision makers are increasingly incorporating operational data with financial data, including sales and marketing figures.

Topics: Financial Analysis, Ratios and KPIs Adaptive Insights CPM

Diginomica: AcctTwo's CEO on Why Vertical ERP Specialization is Better for the Customer

In a December 12, 2017 article in Diginomica, a leading web publication designed to serve the interests of enterprise leaders in the digital era, co-founder Jon Reed covers a panel discussion at this year's Sage Intacct Advantage user conference with AcctTwo Founder & CEO Marcus Wagner and JMT Consulting Group CEO Jacqueline Tiso.

Topics: non-profit AcctTwo News Oil and Gas Industry Diginomica Sage Intacct Verticals

What is Included in Sage Intacct's Final 2017 Update?

Sage Intacct is a leader in midmarket financial management software for a number of reasons. But the feature that so consistently sets this option above the rest is the commitment to improvement. Sage Intacct receives a comprehensive update four times a year in order to better reflect the real needs and wants of actual users.

Topics: Intacct Releases Sage Intacct News Sage Intacct

Don't Get Left Behind by the "Divergence"

Note: This article is not about a dystopian science fiction film.

For most of accounting history the only difference between large firms and small firms was the size. Whether the ranks included 10 accountants or 1,000 accountants, all firms largely carried out the same tasks using the same tools and methods.

But as with most established ways of doing things, accounting is undergoing a period of disruption. New technologies ranging from blockchain, to big data, to machine learning are radically transforming the way accounting firms conduct business. And as a result, the very largest firms are "diverging" from all the rest.

Topics: Informational Accounting CPA Divergence

Transition Smoothly to New FASB Rules with the Right Technology

The New FASB Accounting Rules Are Complicated. Why Not Choose a Technology That Actually Helps With the Transition?

For many companies, the new FASB revenue reporting requirements spelled out under ASC 606 go into effect on December 15, 2017. That date looms large in the minds of accountants because it represents a radical new way of doing things.

Topics: Software Industry SaaS FASB Revenue Recognition Subscription-Based Revenue Regulations