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Tammy Bunting

Tammy Bunting

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Benefits of Outsourcing Church Accounting

At AcctTwo, since our team comes from the faith-based community, we not only understand how important it is for you to focus on your mission, we help you do it!

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Please Help Mission of Hope Haiti with Hurricane Relief

Hurricane Matthew Leaves Devastation in Haiti

Haiti took a direct hit from Hurricane Matthew on October 5th. Reports indicate that more than 14,500 people have been displaced, 2,700 families are affected and 1,900 houses are flooded. The death toll has reached more than 65.

Haiti needs our help, and AcctTwo is supporting our customer, Mission of Hope Haiti, to provide help to those who need it.

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Intacct, the Ministry Tool that Helps Faith-Based Organizations Reach their Visionary Goals

“Drowning in a sea of Excel spreadsheets.“

“Plagued by confusion, delays and lack of confidence in reporting.”

“Cost and headaches of on-premise accounting systems and IT infrastructure.”

“Need for a user-friendly cloud solution that would support anytime, anywhere access while minimizing IT efforts.”

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Success Story: Gateway Church finds Intacct to be More Than a Financial Tool

We're always proud of the work we do and the relationships we build with each and every one of our customers, but when we get feedback six months or a year down the road and get to hear how transformative Intacct and our implementation team have been, it's very special. Gateway Church, an AcctTwo customer in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, recently contributed to a story in Church Executive Magazine about how the growing church needed a "streamlined, accessible, and accurate accounting engine," and how Intacct was the perfect fit. The Gateway finance and operations team all agree that "Intacct is, in the end, a ministry tool."


"Intacct is, in the end, a ministry tool."
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Church Finance: 3 Reasons to Dig Yourself out of Excel

Do You Have the POWER?

Since the inception of Excel, almost 30 years ago, Microsoft has been improving the computing power of the spreadsheet. As business intelligence requirements emerged, the need for unique calculations - graphing and macros (automating tasks in a spreadsheet) - became instrumental in the process of gathering and reporting data. For many years, analysts have lived and breathed in Excel. Excel provided users with the ability to produce results with automated computing power.  For those buried in the data, this was a life saver. 

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Why is merging membership information with financial data important for churches?

Financial data is important, but so is operational data

In order to help us build and shape our church, we must track membership activity both in giving and participation. Creating a healthy community of believers is a primary goal for any church. As we grow the church, our analytics produce different results than those in the business world but our ability to evaluate the health of both our members and our finances is paramount to the success of the church.

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6 Reasons Churches Need to Better Manage Credit Cards

How can churches best manage ministry use of credit cards?

I can say with all certainty that managing credit cards is one of the most challenging responsibilities for those of us that work in the back office of a church. There are several forms of credit cards to blame for this. You have corporate cards like AMEX and Visa/MC or SAM’s or Costco charge accounts. No matter which platform is being used to facilitate the ease of purchasing for the ministry leaders, it can and usually does, get out of control. 

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Church Accounting Basics - Part 4: Employee - To Be or Not to Be

Why does it have to be so complicated?

If your church is anything like mine, you are constantly trying to navigate the requirements of our nation’s employment laws. When researching the topic of “employee versus independent contractor,” what I find is consistently inconsistent. It’s easy to get lost in the lack of interpretation.

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Wow, I Didn't Know That - Overtime Rule Changes

Major Changes to Overtime Rules Could Affect Ministries

Many times those of us working in the non-profit world believe the greater good exempts us from new and changing laws. Sometimes we are exempt from things and sometimes we are not. Being informed on the ever changing rules by which we operate the business side of our organization is imperative.

The U.S. Department of Labor has proposed new regulations designed to expand overtime protection for workers employed by nonprofits, for-profits, and governments.

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Church Accounting Basics - Part 3: Internal Controls Keep Fraud at Bay

“What happens in accounting, stays in accounting.”

If your finance team’s motto goes something like this, you might have an internal controls problem.

Internal controls are put in place to clearly define proper procedures for finance and accounting team members, to minimize risk, and to alleviate suspicion. Even churches must mitigate risk and ensure that policies and procedures are in place and functioning as intended.

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