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How Do You Change Your Church Ministry Structure in Your Accounting System?

 - "Oh, by the way – we are changing the name of one of our ministries…."

- Accounting department’s response: heavy sigh!!!

How Do You Change Your Church Ministry Structure in Your Accounting System?I don’t know about you, but working in the finance office of a church is both extremely rewarding and it can also be challenging. To put this kindly, an opportunity we are often faced with is the rework of a ministry within the church. At Preston Trail Community Church, we recently moved into our new building, and with that change came a revisiting of our ministry focus and terminology. Having a mission statement and a set of values are important factors in fulfilling a vision, but without a strategy for action they are just good intentions, so at Preston Trail we have four crucial action steps: “Gather on the Weekends”, “Connect with a Group,” “Serve the Church,” “Engage your World.” And with the clarity of this exercise came the need for a name change and a regrouping of ministries.

Using other accounting platforms, this rework would involve historical data being moved by journal entries: a very time-consuming process. BUT…with Intacct it's quick and painless:

  1. Rename the ministry: In Intacct you can easily rename the ministry and all the historical transactions for that ministry will carry the new name. All reports will automatically change because Intacct works off a hierarchy structure. Anything associated with the original parent ID, even though the name is changed, will automatically roll up as if nothing had happened.
  2. Change the structure of a ministry: In Intacct you just change the hierarchy and related flow of data by simply changing of the parent ID from a drop down list. All changes are retroactive and will update inside of any ministry report.

Editing the Ministry setup in Intacct is a breeze. Whether you are adding a new ministry structure or revamping the flow of your existing structure, the process is quick and straight forward.

Adding a new ministry in Intacct is as simple as adding an ID and name.

Let’s say you have a purchase approval setup based on the manager of a ministry. Changing the ministry is also as simple as selecting the new manager from a drop down list. The new approver will receive an email for all new purchase requests.

If you are removing a Ministry from your ministry structure, just change the drop down from Active to Inactive. This action will prevent future transactions from being entered, but will allow all prior transactions to be displayed on financial reports.

For those of us that work for churches that love to be creative and ever changing…..the finance team can now easily adapt to these changes without missing a beat!

About Tammy

Tammy Bunting - AcctTwo Director of Not-for-Profit ServicesTammy Bunting is AcctTwo’s Director for Not-for-Profit Services. She is also the CFO of Preston Trail Community Church in Frisco, Texas. Tammy has more than 25 years of experience in accounting, business administration, operations, and management. This includes work in both the secular and non-profit Christian environments. She’s been responsible for providing the controllership functions of all business environments at a multi-ministry church enterprise, and been a partner in a thriving Intacct value-added reseller business. Tammy was raised and educated in the Christian church, and has a unique perspective into the world of non-profit and faith-based business administration and accounting.

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