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Confidence in Cloud-Based Accounting Solutions among Small Businesses Reaches Tipping Point

confidence in cloud accounting softwareA Majority of Small Businesses Express Confidence in Cloud-Based Accounting Software

Over the past few years, cloud-based applications have gained incredible momentum both in confidence and adoption among businesses and non-profits. In the case of accounting software, small businesses have been slower to adopt cloud solutions than the rest of the market. A new study from online accounting technology evaluation firm Software Advice shows that although small businesses still lag behind larger organizations, a majority of them now express confidence in cloud accounting solutions.

Additionally, more than half of the respondents in this study would consider moving their accounting and financial software to the cloud.

Cloud Performance and Security

The main concerns among small business owners when it comes to the adoption of cloud-based accounting software shouldn't be a big surprise: most respondents with minimal confidence in the cloud pointed to security and performance. The study includes snippets of an interview with Doug Sleeter, small business accounting industry expert and founder of The Sleeter Group - a company dedicated to helping accountants and small businesses work together by using the most innovative and tested tools/systems to generate greater efficiencies and higher profits. With regard to these concerns, Sleeter points out that "cloud-based accounting solutions offer some benefits on-premise systems cannot—for example, a reduced need for IT infrastructure and staffing (since support and updates are handled by the software vendor) and, despite common perceptions, enhanced security."

Sleeter goes on to say that, "there’s no way that a small business that has a local desktop server environment can match the skills and ongoing maintenance [of a reputable cloud provider].” Hear, hear.

Take a look at the SlideShare version of the report below or click here to view the full report.



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