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How Data Visualization Tools Enable Insights at a Glance

Modern notebook computer with future technology media symbolsSage Intacct released the Interactive Visual Explorer in their last quarterly release last year as a limited release. The Interactive Visual Explorer (IVE) allows you to explore your financial data using a multi-angle, multi-dimensional graphical tool. With data visualization tools, you clearly understand insights at-a-glance. You don’t need special skills or IT to explore your data. And, you turn insights into action with visual storytelling and narration. So, you can transform your business strategy and make strategic, data-driven decisions.

Joseph Plagge, Solution Architect at AcctTwo, walked us through the Sage Intacct Interactive Visual Explorer at the Faith-Based Finance Collaborative.

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Interactive Visual Explorer Overview
  • Designed to provide new ways to discover business insights using visualizations
  • Ability to add annotations and “narrate” within the visualization to capture insights and share with other (i.e. collaborative exploration)
  • Built on the system of record (like ICRW) for real-time data review
  • Currently there are over 50 reporting areas
  • Comes with 200 pre-built visualizations out-of-the-box that Sage Intacct has configured for you
  • The Interactive Visual Explorer is an add-on subscription from Sage Intacct

On his demo, Joseph, walks through the IVE Workspace and how to create different visualizations that can be created. There are lots of different ways to present your data to get different angles on it. He gives a few examples of the different types!

Watch the 10-minute demo now!

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