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eBook: Ministerial Tax Issues

With Growth Comes Complexity

Ministerial Tax IssuesAmong the many trends we see today all around the church, and among faith-based organizations, one of the most interesting is the expansion of multi-site churches. As congregations grow, it makes more sense for churches to establish new locations and spread the word to new communities. Social media and new marketing strategies are helping organizations grow to new locations and new audiences. The rise and ease of giving through smart phones and mobile devices is helping fuel this growth. A marked rise in volunteering is helping spread the good works of these churches, and demonstrate their importance to the community.

These are all positive trends, but with success comes more complexity with regards to church finances and tax-related issues. We recently posted a Tax Guide for Church Internships to help sort through some of the tax and employment questions and issues around internships, as they are another important trend and part of the church’s recent growth. We hope this latest eBook, Ministerial Tax Issues will provide some more general answers to frequently asked ministerial tax questions.

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