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For Software to Succeed, Focus on the Post-Deployment Period

Just because a software has been deployed does not mean it’s fully optimized.Rolling out a next-generation, enterprise-class software solution is a major undertaking. As a result, the day the software goes live often feels like crossing the finish line. In reality, it’s more like the halfway point of the race.

Just because software has been deployed does not mean it’s fully optimized or has been deployed correctly. According to reporting from HFS Research, the post-deployment period is often the most difficult. Furthermore, the problems that show up later in the process are typically caused by decisions made early on.

How Software Stumbles Pre and Post Deployment

Companies are understandably eager to get powerful new programs up and running. However, it’s exactly that expediency that leads to larger problems post-deployment. Here are some common issues:

  • Rushing to Deployment – Deployment times have dropped significantly, but minimizing them should not be the priority. Rushing to go-live creates problems while overlooking others. Consequently, the product that gets deployed is cumbersome and confusing for the people it’s supposed to benefit.
  • Poor Communication – Another consequence of rushing is that important information is not communicated between the service provider and the company deploying the software. That leads inevitably to confusion and oversights that must be resolved (if possible) after the deployment.
  • Lack of Internal Support – It’s great when companies have internal support teams to rely on, but often they are understaffed or simply lack the necessary knowledge of new software. As a result, support is slow, incomplete, or ineffective.
  • Choosing the Wrong Provider – Some providers are either unable or unwilling to provide the guidance that companies need pre and post deployment. These providers are more interested in keeping clients happy over the short term, regardless of whether clients have issues once the software is deployed and the provider is gone.

The Secret to a Seamless Deployment

The four issues outlined above all stem from the final one – choosing the wrong provider. More than anything else, the choice of a provider affects the quality and utility of a software solution throughout its life-cycle. The tricky part is picking one provider from a long list of options all claiming to be the best.  And with today's trend toward cloud solutions sold on a subscription basis, it's more and more important for software vendors and service providers to win their customers' business each year. 

First, look for a provider with software-specific expertise. Decide what software you want, then seek out the top provider partner. This ensures you have access to the most extensive experience and expertise available for that software.

The next thing to prioritize is wide range of service offerings. Providers should be able and eager to provide support before and after deployment. Ideally, they will also complement traditional tech consultancy services with managed, development, and support services as well.

Finally, explore what kind of ratings a provider has for customer service. Some excel at implementation but don't rate well over the long-term. Companies must feel confident they are getting a partner who understands the post-deployment period and knows how to resolve all types of ongoing issues.

AcctTwo checks all the boxes pre and post deployment. If you're looking to move you finance and accounting technology to the cloud, and you’re ready to explore the possibilities of a partnership, contact us for a free consultation.

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