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Highlights of Sage Intacct's Release 1 2018

AcctTwo is Sage Intacct's Partner of the YearSage Intacct is an industry-leading financial management solution. But in today's rapidly-evolving business world, a static solution can’t remain relevant. The developers behind Sage Intacct understand this, which is why the product is updated four times annually without fail.

These are not minor or cosmetic updates, either. They are based on deep feedback from users and designed to extend and improve the utility of the solution. As a result, Sage Intacct gets better and better every few months.

The first update of 2018 went into effect on February 9, and the additions and enhancements are some of the most significant in the history of the solution. Look forward to these new capabilities:

Bill Before a Contract Starts

This is an all-new feature that empowers organizations to create billing schedules that start before the beginning or renewal of a contract. It is up to the user to control how far in advance billing takes place, and there is an option to set prescribed periods for each client. Once the period is set, users can create, print, and distribute invoices according to the normal billing procedures.

Post Revenue and Expense Recognition Offline

There are times when individual users or groups would prefer to post revenue offline out of sync with Sage Intacct. With the latest update this is possible with the click of just one button. The feature has been designed to prevent long wait times and screen time outs, and posting can be controlled manually or can be pre-scheduled.

Link Inventory Adjustments Directly to Specific Purchases

When an inventory adjustment is made as a result of specific purchasing or inventory transaction, that transaction can now be recorded along with the adjustment. That results in more accurate costing results for both FIFO and LIFO items. It also improves the auditing process by creating a well-defined trail for cost methods.

Improve Inventory Costing

The costing logic used in the Sage Intacct inventory model has been significantly redesigned to incorporate functional enhancements and new validations. The list of changes is significant, but together they help to eliminate instances of user error while building greater flexibility into the inventory management process.

Use Global Consolidations in Action

The Global Consolidations feature is moving onto the Action user interface. That enables the duplication of consolidated books, greater ease-of-use when setting up multiple override accounts, and better consistency across browsers.

With the first Sage Intacct update release of 2018, a great solution becomes even stronger and smarter. If you're ready to explore all that this financial management solution has to offer, AcctTwo is eager to help. Contact us for a free consultation.

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