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Home Services Fall 2021 Release Update

We are proud to announce AcctTwo’s Home Services Module 2021 Fall release. In this release we've added new features that provide additional reporting functionality, and deposit details. This release also adds the ability to have other receipts transactions flow into the deposit manager. Additionally you can now import open items from undeposited funds that existed before Deposit Manger was installed and processing transactions. This release also includes the option to AP Payments from the refund manager into the outbox instead of processing them immediately.

In addition to these new functionalities, we have added some safeguards to prevent a couple common process issues we have seen occur when a user needs to reverse a deposit.

Watch the following video overview of the new features of AcctTwo's Home Services module:
Home Services Fall Release 2021 Overview


Read on for the full release notes. Should you experience any issues, contact the AcctTwo Support team by sending an email with your question to support@accttwo.com. You can also reach out to your AcctTwo Customer Success Manager.

Create Deposit Screen Features

Display Account Balance and Unselected Totals on Deposit screen

We are now showing a pair of new fields on the New Deposit Screen. These new fields are “GL Balance – Undeposited CC Accounts” and “Unselected Lines Total”. On the deposit creation screen the “Total Deposit” field on the header has also been renamed to “Selected Lines Total”.

How it works
  1. When you go to create a new deposit you will see the new fields. The “GL Balance – Undeposited CC Accounts” field will be populated immediately. It will display the current balance of the accounts from your deposit manager configuration for “Integration Account”, “Credit Card Refunds Account”, “Chargebacks Account” and “Cash Adjustment Account”.
  2. Once you search for transactions, the “Unselected Lines Total” field will be populated with the total of all lines available to deposit. This amount changes as lines are selected for deposit.
Additional Requirements

There are no additional requirements

Deposit Report Menu

Deposit Detail Reports

There is a new menu option in Home Services called “Deposit Reports”. This will allow you to run reports across the deposits in your environment. When you access the link you will see several fields “Start Date”, “End Date”, “Entity” and “Bank Account”. The first three fields are required. Date range can only be a maximum of 1 month. The date range is based on the deposit date, not the date of the transactions on the deposit. Once exported, the report will be emailed to the logged in user.

How it works
  1. Fill in all fields.
  2. Click export CSV
Additional Requirements

There are no additional requirements

Other Deposits Changes

Process Other Receipts

Other Receipts transactions will now be evaluated against Deposit Manager configurations, and if the other receipt matches one of the configured accounts it transaction will appear in the list of transactions available to deposit. Due to the structure of other receipts possibly having multiple customers, a Customer ID will not appear on the deposit screen, but the dimensions from the other receipt will all work as normal. The ‘Payer’ of the other receipt will appear as the “customer name” in the deposit screen.

How it works
  1. Create an “Other Receipt” in Cash Management
  2. Select to deposit to “Undeposited Funds” (your Integration account)
  3. Choose the GL Account from your “Integration Account” in Deposit Manager Configurations
Additional Requirements

There are no additional requirements

Open Items Import

There is now an option to import open items to the Deposit Manager. This will primarily be used for new implementations, when a customer as transactions in undeposited funds, but they have not been processed because they existed before the product went live. It will allow loading a file to populate deposit manager with these transactions and including them in deposits. Data validations are performed before the import occurs to ensure there are not issues with the data before it makes it into the deposit manager.

How it works
  1. Open deposit Manager Configuration screen
  2. Download the Open Items Template
  3. Populate the template with appropriate data for the transactions that are missing and save the template
  4. Click the “Open Item File” button to select the file you modified
  5. Click Import
Additional Requirements

There are no additional requirements

Refund Manager Change

Configuration Option to Send Refund Payments to Outbox

There is a new configuration option in the Refunds Manager Configuration screen called “Send Payments to Outbox”. When this is selected (and AP Bill Approval is not enabled), payments will be created an sent to the outbox instead of being submitted. For transactions automated from a third party integration (like Servicetitan), they will appear in an inbox belonging to the XML integration user. If a user is using the Refunds Manager UI, the payment will be placed in the logged in User’s outbox.

How it works
  1. Access Refunds Manager Config
  2. Change “Send Payments to Outbox” to “Yes”
  3. Process refunds normally
Additional Requirements

There are no additional requirements

Other Updates

Common Error Prevention Related to the Deposit Manager

Two changes have been implemented in the Deposit Manager to prevent some commonly seen errors in the process. The first change is that a user will no longer be able to delete a deposit. An error will appear if a user tries telling them that “Deposits cannot be deleted, only reversed”. The second change is that a user will no longer be able to reverse a deposit journal entry directly (you cannot go to the journal entry the deposit manager created and click reverse).

Both of these changes are important because reversing the deposit through the deposit manager makes the transaction lines that were deposited available to be deposited again, deleting the deposit, or reversing the Journal Entry (through the GL, not deposit manager) both do not make the transaction lines available to deposit again.

How it works
  1. Attempt to delete a completed deposit, you will see the error.
  2. Attempt to reverse a Deposit Manager created JE from the GL and you will see an error.
Additional Requirements

There are no additional requirements

Payments Processor Change

Payments no longer process through the Queue via a Smart Event. A scheduled job runs every 15 minutes that searches for all new payments and processes them. The queue will only reflect failed payments, not all payments, and successfully processed payments that created a line in the deposit manager will never appear in the queue.

This change greatly improves performance when large batches of payments are synced to Intacct. There was also an infrequent, but occasional issue where smart events would not fire on some payments with the old methodology for various reasons, and this prevents that issue from occurring.

There are instances where this will make the time for a payment to appear slower than before the change, specifically when smaller batches of payments are created in Intacct. But the benefits of never losing payments lead to this change. We are looking to make further improvements to improve on timing delays to this process.

How it works
  1. Process an AR Payment
    1. If the payment processes successfully when the scheduled job executes, it will appear in deposit manager and not in queue
    2. If a payment process unsuccessfully when the scheduled job executes, it will appear in queue as failed, and will not appear in deposit manager.
Additional Requirements

There are no additional requirements

AR Adjustment Update Processing

Customers not integrated with Service Titan had an occasional issue where an AR Adjustment was modified after creation, and that modification changed the amount of the adjustment. These adjustments were not being re-processed properly leading to deposit lines that did not match the adjustments. So long as modifications are before any deposit is made for the deposit line, the line will be updated as the adjustment changes.

How it works
  1. Create an AR Adjustment
  2. Modify the AR Adjustment
    1. If the deposit line created in step 1 has not been deposited, the original deposit-able line will be removed, and recreated reflecting the updated AR Adjustment.
    2. If the Adjustment has been deposited, it is not possible to update.
Additional Requirements

There are no additional requirements

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