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How New Technology Provides Stability and Certainty

Stability from TechnologyDepending on whom you ask, we are living in a time of either disruption or innovation. Legacy brands, traditional channels, and long-standing consumer expectations are all falling by the wayside. And while some companies are faltering, others are surging.

What separates companies on the rise compared with those on the decline is not their size, industry, or orientation. It's their agility in the face of uncertain circumstances. Regardless of your evaluation of the present moment, the one undeniable truth is that things are changing fast.

Accepting that sustainability and agility go hand in hand, the question becomes how companies can more effectively mitigate a crisis and manage uncertainty. The answer is by embracing the next-generation of technology.

The Advantage of an Accounting Platform

Today's accounting departments are abandoning the manual spreadsheets and homemade databases of the past in favor of cloud-based, enterprise-wide accounting platforms. This one upgrade promises to cut costs, boost efficiency and productivity, enhance communication and collaboration, and refine strategic decision making. More broadly speaking, however, accounting platforms provide a foundation for flexibility.

Today's accounting departments are contending with confusing new ASC 606 rules, a sweeping new tax plan, major shifts in the regulatory environment, and a healthy amount of financial unpredictably. Keeping up with the most basic responsibilities of the present is a huge undertaking, which means adapting to the unexpected is almost impossible.

Accounting platforms automate heavy workloads, instantly apply rules and regulations, operate across departments, and enable easy reporting and analysis. Instead of spending time cross-referencing figures and manually entering data, accountants can focus on the big picture and the near- to long-term. As a result, the next crisis, disruption, opportunity, or innovation is easier to predict and simpler to manage.

The Stability of Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct has become an industry-leading financial management solution by meeting the real needs of today's and tomorrow's accountants. And even though the solution offers dozens of innovative features, its real strength is in how much of the meat and potatoes of accounting it handles on its own.

Time- and labor-intensive tasks are automated with amazing speed and scale; Standardization eliminates major instances of error and omission; Data merging makes deep insights immediately available; Native integrations and features foster communication and collaboration.

The tasks that monopolize the focus of accountants are both expedited and improved with Sage Intacct. Afterwards, accountants are able to engineer stability into a company's financials and respond to the next big shift with speed and certainty.

The future may be unknown, but the strength of Sage Intacct is certain. The companies that see opportunities on the horizon are evolving past the present, and technology is leading the wave of change. If you're ready to put your financials on firm footing, contact AcctTwo.

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