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How the Cloud Provides Calm During the Storm

storm_blog.pngThe tragic destruction caused by hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria is still fresh on everyone's mind. And while the images of flooded streets and submerged homes loom large, it's worth it to consider the structures that survived as well.

Recent storms were notable for the widespread, unsparing damage they caused. But even in the face of unprecedented natural disasters, some structures managed to weather the wind and rain unscathed.

The New York Times recently profiled several data centers located at the center of these storms. Even as wind speeds increased and flood waters rose, these facilities kept the lights on and the floors dry. Some even served as shelters for employees and their families looking for a safe haven.

These data centers survived the storm because that is precisely what they are engineered to do. They are constructed according to the very highest standards for strength and sustainability. And they factor in every possible threat and contingency. Simply stated, they are designed to weather the worst of the worst...at least in theory.

That theoretical preparedness was put to the test. Data centers are built to be tough, but few are ever subjected to a confluences of forces as severe as recent hurricanes. However, even with power out, water levels rising, and uncertainty abounding, data centers in Houston and Miami continued to fire on all cylinders.

The same cannot be said about the companies these data centers served. The awesome power of hurricanes can destroy a structure in a dozen different ways. And even the structures that survive are temporarily disabled. Servers housed onsite rather than inside a dedicated data center during such an event are inaccessible at best and worthless at worst.

The case for the cloud has been compelling for some time now. But in the wake of massive hurricanes, it's time to consider the cloud the only viable option. Data centers are designed to safeguard the sensitive information that is the lifeblood of today's enterprises. And they ensure a degree of business continuity that is invaluable in a time of crisis.

Companies that rely on the cloud are protected from incidents we can't predict, prepare for, or prevent. And even if your organization's headquarters are totally destroyed, data that cannot be replaced is reliably kept safe. This has been a primary purpose of the cloud all along. And in the wake of recent hurricanes, it's clear that this promise of protection is real.

Sage Intacct is an industry-leading accounting and financial management solution that is as intuitive as it is intelligent. But it's also designed for and housed within the cloud. And that means it insulates financial data from disasters while streamlining the recovery process.

The combination of cloud-based solutions and expert cloud administrators ensures that data always exists above the fray. Partner with the team at AcctTwo to move confidently into the cloud.

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