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How to Manage Church Finances: Tips from the Texas Ministry Conference

how to manage church financesWe recently sponsored and attended this year’s virtual Texas Ministry Conference. The conference was created to provide tools and resources for people in all types of ministry and ministry support to help them better understand how to manage church finances. This includes churches, schools, and other nonprofit organizations.

Takeaways from the 2021 Texas Ministry Conference

We’ve been honored to sponsor the event in-person in years’ past, and in spite of the challenges we’ve all been faced with during the current global crisis, it was wonderful to see the organization successfully pivot to a virtual setting. Registrants were not only given access the day of the event to workshops, keynotes, special guests appearances, a ministry tour, exhibitor booths and worship experiences, but they were also given access to all the recorded content through April 15th. Below are some of the event highlights for me.

The virtual tour of the magnificent Lanier Theological Library in Houston was breathtaking. This was really one advantage of a virtual event: we were able to “walk through” this incredible 18,000 sq. ft. facility on a guided tour without leaving our (home) offices.

As a provider of church accounting software and services to churches and faith-based organizations, I gravitated to many of the finance sessions held during the conference. Ashley Voss’s “Accounting for the Future” session showed how we can be more forward thinking with our accounting, but still make sure we’re compliant with the most current accounting standards. The content was very compelling.

That same morning, we were given the opportunity to learn more about the roughly 30 sponsors in a virtual exhibitor session. It’s always nice to connect with businesses and organizations that are helping support a common cause.

Outcome Metrics - Measure What Matters in the Nonprofit WorldRick Cadden, pastor of Business Administration at First Baptist Church, Burleson gave some great tips on a topic very near and dear to us at AcctTwo: Church Financial Metrics. He drove home the message that financial metrics that are stated with purpose can build a healthy culture that encourages giving and generosity.

Later in the day, Vonna Laue added to this topic by teaching us how to produce and interpret financial statements to gain necessary insight. She helped outline the necessary factors for meaningful financial statements; taught us the key indicators in the statement of financial position (balance sheet), statement of activities (income statement), and statement of cash flows; and showed how to identify the various audiences that use the ministry’s financials to determine the corresponding reports needed.

I also enjoyed Brad Leeper of Generis’ presentation on how to adapt in 2021 to engage and grow your givers and improve the strength and effectiveness of your mission. His advice was crucial in helping churches meet or even exceed their budget goals for the year.

So much of the information provided during this event aligns with AcctTwo’s own mission of transforming the finance and accounting function at churches and faith-based organizations into a strategic asset for the organization. It’s great to be a part of this amazing community and we look forward to connecting with everyone at an in-person event next year!

If you’d like to learn more about AcctTwo and how we work with faith-based organizations, feel free to schedule a meeting with me.


About Alyssa:

As AcctTwo's Sales Development Representative, Alyssa is focused on faith-based nonprofit organizations. She works closely with missions, churches, and Christian camps.

Alyssa guides finance leaders into the future of finance and accounting with cloud-based software, outsourced accounting, and technical consulting solutions.

Alyssa is from Houston, TX. She graduated with a double major in Marketing and Management from Sam Houston State University. 

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