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Interview with an Expert: Switching from Microsoft Dynamics GP to Intacct

When migrating to new financial management and accounting software, there are many important considerations. For example, you need to look at what your current system can't handle and what an ideal new system would look like. You also need to make sure that any new solution can accommodate not just your present needs, but also your needs well into the future. Even though it can be a tough decision to switch to a new system, when the benefits outweigh the cons, it's time (or more like, well past time) to make a move.
There are a wide variety of outdated on-premises systems companies have been using for decades that are no longer keeping up with the pace of innovation. Many companies using systems from vendors like Sage and Microsoft are re-evaluating their current systems and looking to make the move to a more modern, cloud financial system. We recently sat down with Lindy Antonelli, a consulting partner at Armanino LLP, to discuss the primary issues companies using Microsoft Dynamics GP should weigh when evaluating a move to Intacct.
Antonelli, who has years of experience implementing both solutions, shares a few key advantages of Intacct over Dynamics― particularly in the areas of multi-entity management, dimensions tagging for better financial analysis, and ease of reporting. In all these areas, as she demonstrates, Intacct comes out on top.
Intacct's cloud software is based on a modern architecture and has been designed for simpler and more integrated functionality. Unlike Dynamics, there's no need for third-party software or expensive customizations to attain the advanced accounting and financial management features that growing companies need. Antonelli also discusses a few scenarios in which Intacct is not a perfect fit for customers.
Click here to learn more about the benefits of Intacct for current Microsoft Dynamics GP users. To see Intacct in action, you can also attend one of our upcoming product tours -- register here.
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