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Leveraging Cloud Financials to Support Growing Healthcare Organizations

wp_HIMSS_Leveraging_Cloud_FinancialsGrowth of healthcare organizations – from either consolidation or increased output and revenues – continues to trend upward in the industry, thanks to drivers such as federal mandates, market competition, tighter margins and the increasing need to do more with less.

Survey Says

On the consolidation side, in a 2013 survey conducted by the Healthcare Financial Services division of GE Capital, 88 percent of 233 senior healthcare services executives reported that they expect to pursue M&A activity in the next 12 months. And Hammond Hanlon Camp’s November 2013 report, Merger and Acquisition Trends in Healthcare, forecast the M&A outlook for healthcare to remain strong into 2014 as a result of favorable capital markets, additional clarity around the health reform law and continued need for clinical integration and cost control as new value-based care models are implemented.

Growing Smart

Regardless of whether healthcare organizations expand as a result of consolidation or organic growth, the one challenge they all face is trying to gain visibility and transparency of information across the organization in order to better manage costs and link cost to outcomes and industry performance – without negatively impacting revenue and growth. One of the ways healthcare organizations can avoid over-investing in human and IT resources is to cost-effectively scale their IT systems, including their financial management systems.

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