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Leadership Succession Planning Must Focus On Culture

Culture is so important, and it doesn’t necessarily gauge intellect, instead it measures whether or not someone will be a good fit for your team and ensure that it is well rounded. Don’t overlook the cultural component to leadership succession planning – remember people work for people.

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AcctTwo's Head of Nonprofit Shares Remote Audit Tips at Nonprofit Finance Leaders Forum

Allison Webb, Head of NFP at AcctTwo, and Dave Abel, Principal Solution Consultant at Sage Intacct, discussed paperless audit tips and walked through some example dashboards recently at the Nonprofit Finance Leaders Forum. Get your organization ready for paperless and remote audits by implementing Sage Intacct. Here are some highlights from the webinar!  

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Measuring Impact With Nonprofit Dashboard Indicators

In our previous blog article from AcctTwo’s series about tracking nonprofit outcomes, we highlighted some of the metrics that nonprofits can define their success with. You can use these indicators to assess whether the nonprofit is on the right track, and prove your positive results to donors and grant managers who want to invest in effective nonprofits only.

Knowing what to track is an important start, but the hard part comes next: figuring out how. Nonprofits are in the dark about outcomes because the necessary data is hard to capture, categorize, and quantify in a meaningful sense without the right nonprofit dashboard indicators.

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Strategic Accounting Services: Your Guide Through the Endless Options

If you’re like many finance leaders these days, you’re feeling a greater sense of urgency brought on by the pandemic. And you may be realizing that today’s choices of technology are seemingly endless, with literally hundreds of “best-of-breed” technology providers out there focusing on specialized areas such as AP automation, digital payments, expense management, and month-end close. And they’re multiplying every day.

How do you know which providers to choose? Which ones are best for your industry, your company, and your specific needs? And how do they all work together? Can you integrate them? This is where a partner that provides strategic accounting services can be a lifesaver. We’ve walked this road before and guided hundreds of companies successfully through the journey ahead of you.

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AcctTwo’s Head of Nonprofit, Allison Webb Guests on Vanderbloemen Webinar

Allison Webb, Head of NFP at AcctTwo, and William Vanderbloemen, CEO at Vanderbloemen, discussed planning for financial transitions with systems, processes, and people recently on a webinar. It is becoming more and more critical to have nonprofit succession plans for accounting and back-office staff vs. succession planning for leadership roles. Watch the webinar, hosted by Vanderbloemen, to hear their full discussion – below are highlights from the conversation.   

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How to Use a Nonprofit KPI Dashboard To Measure Your Success

Halfway through our six-part blog series on nonprofit outcomes, we have explored why outcomes are so important (funders insist on seeing results) and why they’re so obscure (lack of good data). In this article, we’ll address the most important subject of all: The metrics for your nonprofit KPI dashboard you can use to measure your own success in terms of outputs and outcomes.

The good news is that these metrics exist, and when tracked correctly, they put success in the clear, quantifiable terms that funders insist upon. The bad news is that defining success isn’t simple, and tracking it isn’t either. Think of your own organization: Are you certain you’re fulfilling the core mission and values, and if so, to what extent?

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Key SaaS Metrics Show You the Path to Long-Term Growth

The annual and monthly recurring revenue is the driving force behind B2B (or B2B2C) SaaS and subscription-based businesses, but presents a unique set of challenges, particularly in the early and growth stages. While recurring revenue is integral to long-term financial health, early- and growth-stage businesses must establish cash flow and recapture startup and operational costs at a time when they may still be determining product-market fit. Measuring key SaaS metrics can provide critical insights into organizational health, help businesses optimize their sales and marketing, and ultimately position them for long-term growth.

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AcctTwo’s Head of Nonprofit, Allison Webb, Guests on MinistryPlatform’s User Group

AcctTwo’s Head of Nonprofit, Allison Webb, recently spoke at MinistryPlatform’s “Evaluating Church Finances Post-COVID” User Group. Allison and Glenn Wood, Seacoast Church’s Administrator, discussed how to approach your churches finances during these changing times.

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Sage Intacct's Release 2 2021 Review

Sage Intacct Release 2 for 2021 is live and AcctTwo's Customer Success Team is hosted an overview webinar on Thursday June 10th. Senior Customer Success Manager, Anthony Della Selva, reviewed the latest release and took a deep dive into some of the new features and benefits.

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Are You Overlooking Under-Performance in Your KPIs for Nonprofits?

This is the second blog in our series exploring outcome KPIs for nonprofits. In our previous article, we wrote about how today’s nonprofits need to track the outputs and outcomes of their efforts – the actual impact of their mission in action. Why? To build and maintain the confidence of funding sources that expect transparency and accountability like never before.

Before we address how to measure and track nonprofit outcomes in later posts, we need to debunk a common myth: That most nonprofits understand their performance already. Rather, most organizations make some attempt to understand it but come up shorter than they realize.

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