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Professional Services Companies: What are Your KPIs?

The Professional Services market is back!

Five Key Performance Indicators for Financial SuccessSo says a recent paper by SPI Research. While Professional Services Organizations (PSOs) are growing, the key to future success will be whether or not they are maturing. And financial maturity is the key. The most mature organizations exhibit high levels of organizational visibility with optimized business processes and integrated systems, which span all major functional groups. 

SPI Research has spent the past seven years benchmarking PSO operational performance or “maturity” to determine the characteristics and appropriate behaviors for PSOs based on their organizational lifecycle stage.

White Paper: 5 KPIs for Service Companies

Don't guess at where your organization's focus should be. Take advantage of SPI Research's wealth of data and years of experience. Download your copy of the White Paper: 5 KPIs for Service Companies. Follow the link below to get your free copy of the White Paper: 

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