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Ease Complex Billing with Flexible Automated Billing

Project Billing“We have to do it manually” is an unfortunate phrase we hear quite a bit when our clients share their frustrations with managing their complex, multi-line automated billing. If you’re recreating the same price list repeatedly or if your business model requires extensive pricing and billing flexibility, there’s a better way.

New call-to-actionIf you’re like most organizations in the Professional Services, Field Services, and Construction Industry, your pricing and billing is a combination of time and materials (T&M). And like many, your employees may have different rates for standard and overtime hours, or you may use any number of units of measure (UOM) to bill time. That’s a lot to keep track of.

With built in automated billing using the AcctTwo Flexible Project Billing module for Sage Intacct, you create a pricing template one time with multiple lines that includes any combination you need for labor rates, materials costs, or other billable expenses. Easily create then apply a Project Price List to any existing or new parent or child projects saving you time and ensuring consistency. Your billing is a breeze with our built-in Pre-Bill Report lets you see what’s out there available to bill and then creates detailed invoices your clients will find useful.

Watch a demo of AcctTwo Flexible Project Billing in action

AcctTwo Flexible Project Billing Demo Video


Reduce Repetitive Data Entry

The AcctTwo Flexible Project Billing module makes it easy for you to create a new Project Price List. Include any combination of T&M pricing models, including by day, by shift, by hour, consumables, and AP expenses. You can create your own unique UOMs as well. Easily add any number of markup percentages to applicable items or item groups. Configure straight time and overtime rates, and define the number of hours in a “day” or “shift,” for example. Specialists can have their own rate. And if you have ongoing billing for phase completion, you can set a retainage percentage threshold.

AcctTwo Project Price List Builder

Multi-Line Pricing Assignment to Multiple Projects

Assign your new Project Price List to any existing or new Project you create in Sage Intacct by just selecting it from a list. Your pricing is applied to any child projects under a parent project when you assign the Project Price List at the parent level. It will also be applied to any existing or new child projects. You can then select which level to invoice and the system will automatically include all or selected child projects.

See What’s Available to Bill at Any Time

You can quickly see what’s out there to be billed using the Flexible Project Billing, including billable A/P purchases, expense reports, and timesheets with the built-in Pre-Bill Report. Filter the list by Customer, Project, Project Type, or Project Manager while reviewing to see only what you need to see. By default, the report includes Approved time entries, but you can choose to include Drafted, Submitted, and Declined time in your Pre-Bill Report as well. Filter your date range, or use an “As of” date limiter.

Bill Clients Your Way

At the end of the day, you need your client to pay your invoice as quickly as possible and clearly understand what is being billed. And that’s what you’ll achieve with the Flexible Project Billing module. It examines information in your staging invoice and intelligently applies your Project Price List data to produce a detailed invoice for project billing. Your client will be able to see labor by cost by day separated from consumables and materials, and other billable, miscellaneous expenses. The system automatically pulls in detailed source transaction data to the Sales Invoice so your client billing shows Transaction Date, Vendor Bill Number, Markup Amounts, to name a few. We’ve included extensive formatting capabilities for you to customize your invoices to suit your unique needs.

AcctTwo Project Price List Sales Invoice

If you need pricing flexibility that lets you invoice customers the way it makes sense for your business, contact us today and start using this Sage Intacct customization in time for next month’s project billing.

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