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Pushpay for Churches: AcctTwo Attends the Pushpay Summit

Pushpay for churchesRecently the AcctTwo faith-based nonprofit team attended The Pushpay Summit at Gateway Church in Dallas, Texas. Pushpay for churches is a digital giving solution for faith based organizations.  The Pushpay Summit is not your standard church conference. With over 1500 attendees, you could feel the energy in the room. Ministry really matters at this conference and it is resonated throughout every session and absorbed in every conversation.

Church-accounting-experts-outsourced-accountingMinistry is a passion for our faith-based team. We specialize in church accounting services and provide solutions to pastors challenges. Tammy Bunting, AcctTwo’s Executive Director of the NFP Division, left Lubbock, Texas with her family when she was three-years-old to plant a church in Canada. She has been in church world her whole life and even today, in addition to her work at AcctTwo, she serves as the CFO of Preston Trail in Frisco, TX. She spoke about her calling and her “gift” of administration at The Pushpay Summit on the “Don't Let Technology Disrupt Your Church, Embrace It” panel. The panel talked about embracing technology without losing track of what's most important for your church, which aligned perfectly with the theme for this year’s conference: How Technology is Disrupting the Day-to-Day Activities in the Church.

Don’t Let Technology Disrupt Your Church, Embrace It

Over the past two decades, technology has changed our lives, how we conduct business, and how we communicate with friends and family. Churches are no different. Technology is changing the way we attend church, donate, report financials to our elders, and deliver God’s message. New ways to handle church financial management have also evolved. 

Tammy’s panel was led by Jennifer Ford, Executive Director of Ministry Services at Hosanna Lutheran Church. We asked AcctTwo’s Managing Director, Chris Grady, what were three highlights from Tammy’s panel. He said:

  1. It was a full house! It was exciting to see every seat in the room occupied.
  2. Everyone on the panel brought a different perspective and showcased their journey of how technology has changed ministry.
  3. Tammy beamed as she told her story of being a CFO of a church and how Preston Trail embraced technology and the benefits it gained.

From our standpoint, embracing technology is the first step into transforming your organization towards the future of finance and accounting. In the eBook, The Future of Church Technology, author Tobin Perry says, “Yet, by and large, the Church has struggled to keep up with the high speed of technological change in recent decades. Burdened by lack of money, knowledge, and at times a cumbersome church polity, the Church has clearly fallen behind. Even as late as 2012, only a little more than half of churches have websites (55.7 percent). Though most church members can pay every other bill online, only 42 percent of churches offer the ability to give online.” Today’s church members want to have the ability to give online with emerging congregational and church accounting services. They expect full transparency on where their money is going. Churches need to catch-up with technology to make that happen.

How the Digital Disruption is Changing Everything for Churches and Businesses

One of the most exciting moments of the conference is when Clay Scroggins, Lead Pastor from North Point, spoke about how the digital world we live in has changed everything. More people than ever before are watching church online and researching them on websites before walking through the doors. Clay also spoke about the “inevitable implications”. They are:

  1. How we measure success must change. We need to count every digital touch as important as every physical touch.
  2. We need to be the leaders in creating pathways from click to community.
  3. We have to learn how to help people grow spiritually in digital communities.

If this dynamic is changing how we do church – what are some of the questions we should be asking ourselves about how we support and operate the business side of church? If change is inevitable and constant – how prepared are we for what the future holds? Are you prepared? Something to really think about. Let us know your thoughts in the comments. If you’ve never been to The Pushpay Summit before, you might want to bookmark it for next year!

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