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Sage Intacct and AcctTwo Share a Commitment to Giving

give-back-blogWhen the tech-giant Sage announced plans to acquire Intacct we were excited for several reasons. Obviously, the resources of Sage Intacct would grow, which would allow us to offer more to clients, but we also knew that Sage shared our deep commitment to giving.

Just consider an offer Sage makes to nonprofits across the globe. As long as these organizations can meet a few basic standards for legitimacy, Sage is offering each nonprofit two licenses to Sage Business Cloud People – an enterprise HR solution – entirely for free. Every license beyond two is offered at a 50% discount.

This is a smart (and generous) way for Sage to use the resources it has to solve real problems in a meaningful way. At AcctTwo, we follow the same philosophy but on a more local scale. Just consider some of the charitable initiatives we have recently been a part of:

Sponsoring the 2018 Christian Leadership Alliance Outcomes Conference

The Christian Leadership Alliance is a group dedicated to improving management and oversight at Christian organizations across the country. AcctTwo was a sponsor of the Outcomes conference held in Dallas in April 2018. In additional to providing sustaining funds we were recruiting members for Mission: Support Collaborative, a group of thought leaders working cooperatively to improve non-profit management.

Sponsoring the Heroes for Children Top Golf Tournament

Heroes for Children advocates on behalf of children with cancer and provides support to families throughout the treatment process. Since 2004 the organization has provided more than $5 million in financial and social assistance. AcctTwo was a Gold Sponsor of an annual golf tournament to raise funds for Heroes for Children, and our Managing Director, Britton Sudduth, is currently acting as the group's Chairman of the Board.

Sponsoring the 2018 Texas Ministry Conference

The Texas Ministry Conference was established to provide tools and support to decision makers in a wide variety of faith-based organizations. The yearly conference provides classes, workshops, speakers, networking opportunities and other resources for present and future ministry leaders. AcctTwo was a sponsor of this event for the third year in a row.

Donating 5% of September Subscription Sales to Hurricane Relief

AcctTwo and its employees have deep roots in the area and wanted to support ongoing relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. The company's Open House had to be rescheduled after the hurricane disrupted businesses and lives in Houston in August and September. AcctTwo's employees spent the original Open House dates volunteering with Samaritan's Purse and the Houston Food Bank (watch video). AcctTwo also donated $20,000, or 5% of all September 2017 subscription sales, to the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts of Samaritan's Purse and the Houston Food Bank.

This list of our charitable activities is far from complete, but hopefully it illustrates where our priorities lie. We have worked with over 100 faith-based organizations and other nonprofits to improve accounting and finance using technology and managed services. Sage Intacct is making a positive impact where it can, and we are doing so as well.

If you're ready to partner with a company that understands your needs and wants while sharing your values and mission, connect with AcctTwo.
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