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Sage Intacct Just Keeps Getting Better

Highlights of Intacct's most recent release.Sage Intacct Undergoes a Major Upgrade

The needs of today's accounting and finance professional are constantly growing and changing. In order to continue to be the ERP of choice for these professionals, Sage Intacct is always growing and changing too, releasing four full releases each year at no additional cost to users. We thought we'd highlight a few of Sage Intacct's most recent enhancements:

Intacct Action

The dashboard that users are familiar with is undergoing a complete redesign to be easier and more intuitive. The menus have been reorganized, there are additional customization options, and report generation is simpler than ever. Currently the new platform dubbed Intacct Action is in Beta testing, and the developers are eager to solicit feedback from actual users in order to improve it further.

Centralized Invoicing

The invoicing process is now much simpler thanks to a feature that allows up to six different data sources to be automatically consolidated into one invoice. Complex transactions that incorporate both contracts and projects no longer require extensive reorganization. This is especially appealing for businesses experimenting with new business models or administrators struggling to filter multiple invoices.

Inventory Integration

The latest update to Sage Intacct makes it possible to transfer items between warehouses according to serial number. The support for serial numbers generally has also improved to allow administrators to extract and re-import data almost automatically. These changes may sound minor, but they are essential for companies trying to get a handle on inventory control.

Salesforce Support

Sage Intacct and Salesforce now enable bi-directional sync support. That makes it possible to utilize custom field mapping and to take advantage of improved exchange rate tables. With Sage Intacct's status as a Salesforce Platinum ISV partner, expect the integration of these two products to continue to improve in future releases.

The size and scope of this update is significant. No matter how users are relying on Sage Intacct, they have exciting new abilities to save time and energy while making better use of data. But what is most exciting is how organically these updates fit into a familiar experience. Developers have taken care to ensure new features and functions are integrated in a way that is immediately obvious and always intuitive.

This post only covers the major updates, but the latest release included many more improvements and additions. And without a doubt it is the best version of Sage Intacct ever made available. But then again, that could be said of every Sage Intacct release. When you are ready to learn about the capabilities of an ERP solution that continues to lead the pack, contact the experts at AcctTwo.

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