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Church Leadership Succession Planning: Red Flags to Watch Out For

When I sat down with Todd Clark, Senior Associate in Senior Leadership at Slingshot Group, we talked about his vast experience with succession planning and what possible red flags you might want to watch out for if you’re in the middle of church leadership succession planning.

Succession Planning Back-Office

Succession Planning Red Flags:

  • Unclear Communication: Make sure that each leader, outgoing and incoming, have a clear job description. If they don’t know what both of those leaders and doing, then that can build resentment. For a successful succession plan, you need both leaders to be each other’s biggest fans.
  • Undecided Future: If the current leader doesn’t know what they are doing next then that might be a big red flag. People are innately better at letting go if they know what they are doing next. It helps break the emotional tie.
  • Pushback: If the current leader pushes back the transition date it is a red flag. Moving the transition date forward isn’t an issue.
  • Chameleon: When the incoming leader tries to adopt too much of the current leader’s style and personality it is a red flag. The incoming leader needs to adopt a little bit, but they can’t lose themselves. If they aren’t being true to themselves, they will inevitably be unhappy.

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