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Survey: Closing the Books Barometer - Q1 2017

The goal of this survey was to investigate the use of multi-entity structures across multiple verticals.

closing the books barometer q1 2017 cover.pngThis survey was inspired by a series of interviews with thought leaders from the asset management, family office, private equity, and accounting spaces. Those interviewed highlighted the acceleration of the diversification into alternative or illiquid assets such as real estate, infrastructure, private equity, hedge funds, or private debt, potentially across multiple geographies. This is driving the widespread recognition of the need to protect your organization through not only more legal entities but also more complex legal structures. Previously, this was the preserve of large or sophisticated firms and nonprofits. What was clearly a major trend was the shift to this strategy even by modestly sized organizations. Lawyers, tax accounts and auditors agree that the effective utilization of this strategy is fundamental to the protection of assets, acquisition of assets, and the sale of assets.

This increase in complexity is happening hand-in-hand with the shift from the CFO being a historian, documenting what has happened in the last 3 months, from a financial perspective, to owning the company playbook to drive what happens in the future. A modern CFO has access to more data than anybody else in the organization. The need for faster, data driven decisions, even when the underlying entity structure is more complex, is putting the CFO in a unique position to optimize sales, marketing funnels, contracts, and partnerships.

Get the results from the Close the Books Survey by Intacct's CMO, Ian Howells. Ian intends to run this survey on a quarterly basis to create a barometer of trends around the increasingly complex multi-entity organizational structures being used in today's fast-growing businesses. 

Get the Survey: Closing the Books  Barometer - Q1 2017

Topics: financial close General Ledger and Month-End Close Multi-Entity and Consolidations