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Takeaways from The Church Network Conference

auditorium-2816353_1920Recently the AcctTwo faith-based nonprofit team attended The Church Network Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Church Network Conference is a thought-provoking, three-day event offering multiple ways to network with church leaders, discover and seek out mentors, see emerging technologies, and hone your skills. The Church Network Conference provides a wealth of experiences and benefits for church leaders. 

“Attending TCN conference every year feels like a family reunion. After attending for almost a decade, faces are familiar, and conversations pick up right where we left off. The Church Network is a hub of collaboration and learning. With new regulations, compliance issues and advances in technology, having a venue where all roads come together gives us the best chance to broaden our knowledge - not to mention the great side bar conversations and laughter!”, Tammy Bunting, AcctTwo’s Executive Director of the NFP Division.

This year there were five fast-tracks during the pre-conference intensive seminars. They included:

  • Church Accounting
  • Executive Pastoral Studies
  • Church Facilities
  • Church Communications
  • Church Human Resources 

Tammy Bunting, AcctTwo’s Executive Director of the NFP Division, presented during the Church Accounting Network training.

Church Accounting Network

Church accounting continues to become a much more complex profession requiring cutting edge education and information. This deep dive into current guidelines and emerging trends will be a great asset to both the CPA specialist and the generalist in charge of accounting.

“This year was especially fun participating as a speaker in the Accounting Fast Track session. Looking out into the audience gave me a sense of excitement to see the facial expressions as we explored a different view on our performance metrics. Together we challenged status quo and discussed “what if” scenarios.”  - Tammy Bunting

Working in the “back office” of a church may seem less significant in ministry, but when you have a conference center full of church business administrators and financial leaders the energy is second to none.

“Between the general sessions and the break-out sessions, this conference did not disappoint. The team at The Church Network brought the best of the best together to share their knowledge and expertise. You could say we were drinking from a fire hose and loving every minute of it.”, Chris Grady, AcctTwo’s Managing Director.

Outputs & Outcomes – “The True Measure of Success”

On Thursday, July 11th, Tammy Bunting presented to a full house of over 80 faith-based finance leaders on Outputs & Outcomes, “The True Measure of Success”. During her presentation she covered:

  • Challenges in Measuring “True Success”
  • How to Define Success – Evaluating your Effectiveness
  • How to Identify Types of Data and Metrics Used to Measure
  • How to Keep Track – The “Scorecard”

“Prior to her presentation, it was exciting and encouraging to see Tammy interacting with many colleagues expressing their enthusiasm about the upcoming content. They were all anticipating how it would positively affect their respective church’s strategies in the future,” Chris Grady, AcctTwo’s Managing Director.

In taking the temperature of the room, the participants partook in several polls that revealed some very transparent facts. If measuring life transformation is the real metric, the polls showed we have lots of work to do on this front.

  1. Even though 38% polled said their church’s mission revolved around “discipleship”, 90% had, giving, attendance and average gift per attendee as their “go to” metrics.
  2. Interestingly, 0% tracked individual transformation with the same % coming in for community impact (local or global).

Outputs & Outcomes, an On-Demand Webinar

If you missed The Church Network but want to learn more about Tammy’s presentation, Outputs & Outcomes, “The True Measure of Success”, watch her on-demand webinar!


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