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Takeaways from the Missio Nexus Conference

Missio Nexus BoothAcctTwo recently sponsored and attended the Missio Nexus Conference in Orlando, Florida. The Missio Nexus Conference is a thought-provoking, three-day annual event that brings together hundreds of mission leaders. This year’s theme was Future Mission, it was a challenging look at the future of missions and the Great Commission.

It was our 4th year sponsoring. It is a very important event to AcctTwo’s faith-based team because ministry is our passion. At AcctTwo, our mission is to help faith-based finance leaders find more time to focus on their mission and less time engulfed in hard to navigate legacy accounting systems, error-prone Excel documents, and day-to-day accounting transactions.

New call-to-actionWe asked Chris Grady, AcctTwo’s Managing Director, about the event and what some of his key takeaways were. "I attend a lot of events but there was something special about attending Missio Nexus," says Chris Grady, Managing Director at AcctTwo. “One of the greatest takeaways was the inspiration one feels being in the presence of thousands of individuals wholly committed to their respective mission organizations focused upon Christian discipleship. Their collective energy was focused upon the transformation of all corners of the world with the joy and peace of the gospel is refreshing reminder that there is so much promise held in these efforts.”

Attending inspirational conferences, such as Missio Nexus, reminds all of us at AcctTwo that we play a vital role in providing many of these faith-based not-for-profits with the services and tools that will deliver the future of finance and accounting – and henceforth, the strategic vision that propels their respective visions forward – is the kind of professional reward of which the AcctTwo team feels a remarkable sense of accomplishment.

“Whether it’s OM Ships International, Pioneer Bible Translators, Frontier Ventures, Send International, The Association of Baptist World Evangelism or so many others, to equip their efforts with game-changing technology and unparalleled outsourced accounting is to be given a greater sense of purpose that is not at all lost on the AcctTwo team,” Chris Grady.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments. If you’ve never been Missio Nexus before, you might want to bookmark it for next year!

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