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Bookkeeping Services - the Old Way of Doing Business

When I talk to people in Houston and across Texas about what AcctTwo’s Outsourcing practice does, I often find that people immediately put us in the familiar category of bookkeeping services companies, or compare our services to the “write-up” services generally performed by CPA firms for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). When I talk to prospective clients, I’m often told things like, “I already have an accountant,” or, “I’ve been with my CPA for 20 years and I’m happy with him.” I sometimes even hear, “I already have someone who does my taxes.” These types of responses let me know that the person I’m talking to doesn’t understand what AcctTwo does, which of course tells me we need to do a better job of explaining our value proposition and how it’s different from the traditional bookkeeping or write-up model.

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How Your Organization Will Use Technology-Enabled Outsourcing - an HFS Research Report

A new report by Phil Fersht and Charles Sutherland of HFS Research (BPO on the Brink of a New Generation: Technology Transformation) substantiates something that we at AcctTwo have based our business on: technology-enabled outsourcing is a game changer for businesses.

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