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Start Monetizing Your AP Stream in Less Than an Hour

In our daily lives, when we open our wallet to use our American Express card, we get rebates such as cashback and travel privileges. Every forward-thinking CFO has seen the potential to apply this approach in their business to both monetize their AP stream and dramatically reduce the cost of processing checks.

Historically, there have been two major barriers (a) The payments industry has been incredibly manual and (b) Doing this at “AP-scale” has been prohibitively complex and expensive. Well, times have changed.

This eBook will teach you how you can:

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Understanding the Effects of Employee Fraud on Your Accounting System

John Verver recently wrote an article posted on CFO.com about the top areas of concern with regards to employee fraud. It's a great article, which made us want to draw attention to it, and it also got us thinking about the subject when it comes to what we do here at AcctTwo. 

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