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From Crisis to Prosperity: A Digital Transformation Case Study

The pandemic has changed the way we all live and work. I speak to customers everyday that are living and working through the pandemic. When AvidXchange came to us with their newest quarterly report "From Crisis to Prosperity: Experts Predict Financial Industry's Path Forward", it resonated on many levels. The report features forward-looking articles that formulate a digital transformation case study from industry experts that focus on how to rebuild for growth in the months ahead. They feature articles from:

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Finding Insight Amongst the Bloom of Business Intelligence

From Intacct's View from the Cloud Blog:

Today we continue with the next installment from our series of videos with eCornell - see the first two posts here and here. In this edition, Clark Newby discusses how you can find insight buried in the vast quantities of business intelligence (BI) data amassing from business systems today.

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