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4 Ways to Improve Financial Reporting

Effective financial reporting empowers companies to operate flexibly, strategically, and confidently. More commonly, however, reporting is a cumbersome process with minimal benefits. Despite spending ample time and resources pouring through data, companies learn little to propel themselves forward.

The specific pain points that limit the potential of financial reporting are unique to every organization, but they can all be traced to common problems. By focusing on those, it's possible for any company to transform reporting into a true asset. Follow these four strategies to learn more in less time:

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Could Analytics Help You Get in Front of Your Product’s Decline?

Some people call this an age of innovation. Others call it an age of disruption. No matter what your perspective is, deep change is the constant.

A recent survey of more than 800 UK businesses revealed that 2/3 believe innovation is crucial for survival. That makes sense at a time when small startups are unsettling entire industries and chipping into the market share of companies generations-old.

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Talent: The Elusive Ingredient in Your Big Data Strategy

Data is a priority for every organization these days. That could mean a full-blown big data initiative designed to capture all available data and analyze it as deeply as possible. Or it could mean a more modest effort simply aimed at organizing and leveraging data effectively. Either way, experience and expertise with data is invaluable.

With that in mind, recently released figures from the employment website Glassdoor make a lot of sense. Consider these eye-opening stats:

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Is Big Data a Bust?

If you roll your eyes a little when you hear the phrase "Big Data," you're hardly alone. For around a decade now we have heard endlessly about the vast potential of a data-driven future. And everything from restaurant service to automotive safety was supposed to improve once analytics were applied. The key to unlocking anything and everything was promised. Unfortunately, it hasn't arrived yet.

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The Growing Need for Managed Accounting Services

Data is the currency of the future. The organizations that make the most of the information flooding into their offices gain a distinct competitive advantage and lay the foundation for sustained success.

The challenge, however, is that data has no value unless it's tracked, stored, managed, and analyzed carefully. And while most companies have more than enough data to work with, few have the resources necessary to leverage it successfully.

That forces ambitious companies to make a difficult choice – add expensive new staff and technology to the ranks, or risk losing out on the next big opportunity. In order to resolve this catch-22 scenario, consider a third possibility.

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Why In-Memory Databases Are Now Essential for ERP

In layman's terms, an in-memory database is simply a repository of data that does not rely on disk storage. Instead, the data is stored in the main memory, closer to where the actual processing takes place.

This is not a new technology. However, where an in-memory database may have been an optional consideration in the past, it’s now considered essential for enterprises that manage a lot of data and rely on complex analytics. But smaller companies and nonprofits now have access to a lot of data as well, and if they want to remain agile, they need to be able to analyze that data in real-time.

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What is the Future of Analytics? And What is Analytics-as-a-Service?

The proliferation of automation and digitization technologies over recent years has been a boon for all. By replacing manual, paper-based processes with machine intelligence and robotic capabilities, enterprises of all sizes and across all industries have achieved an even more impressive ROI than many expected.

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Business Intelligence - An Integral Part of your ERP

It’s the first day of the month, the finance and accounting teams are reconciling balance sheet accounts, recognizing revenue, accruing expenses, and recording financial transactions. Everybody is busy working against the clock to have the financial statements ready on time. Then a request from the senior management team arrives. They want a series of sales reports so they can decide when to launch the new product line.

This is a situation where a Business Intelligence solution would’ve been very handy. But let’s start with the basics.

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How Can Finance and Accounting Be an Enabler of Growth?

AcctTwo CEO Interviewed on Texas Business Radio

AcctTwo's Founder and CEO, Marcus Wagner, was recently interviewed by Matt Register and Jay Curry on Texas Business Radio. Marcus describes the new powerful Software-as-a-Service technologies available for small to midsize businesses. ERP, Accounting, and Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) tools are now affordable and accessible, allowing companies and nonprofits to make their finance and accounting departments an enabler of growth rather than an obstacle to growth.

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Investment in Equipment is Growing. Can Your Accounting System Keep Up?

CFO.com recently posted some information about the continued growth of equipment investment, referring to a survey by the Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation. While they are forecasting a drop from the second half of 2014, when the rate of growth of equipment and software investment was above 9%, a remarkable number, the survey predicts the positive trend will continue at a respectable rate of around 6%. We encourage you to look more closely at the survey linked above, but first we'd like for you to consider some things:

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