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Church Finance Departments: Don't get on the Wrong Side of the IRS

As Churches and faith-based organizations grow and redefine themselves, providing their congregations with more opportunities for engagement, socialization, and spiritual growth, those organizations are often finding new business opportunities. Not all of these opportunities, however, are necessarily directly related to the Church’s mission. This can create accounting challenges and tax issues for the finance staff. This guide is intended as a quick reference for Church and faith-based organization’s finance departments to determine what income is exempt and what income is considered unrelated and therefore taxable.

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eBook: Ministerial Tax Issues

With Growth Comes Complexity

Among the many trends we see today all around the church, and among faith-based organizations, one of the most interesting is the expansion of multi-site churches. As congregations grow, it makes more sense for churches to establish new locations and spread the word to new communities. Social media and new marketing strategies are helping organizations grow to new locations and new audiences. The rise and ease of giving through smart phones and mobile devices is helping fuel this growth. A marked rise in volunteering is helping spread the good works of these churches, and demonstrate their importance to the community.

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