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Bolster Business Resilience with a Proactive Plan Post-COVID-19

Last week Marcus Wagner, AcctTwo's Founder & CEO, presented a webinar with Bill.com on how to bolster business resilience with a proactive plan. COVID-19 has brought upon unprecedented challenges and changes for businesses of all sizes. It’s critical to begin the shift into the learning and adaptation phases as quickly as possible to be able to emerge stronger from the pandemic.

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WannaCry: Yet Another Example of Why SaaS Is the Best Answer to Security Questions

We've written before about ransomware attacks back in February of 2016 and again in April of that year. In those cases, the attacks were relatively small and isolated to individual hospitals or healthcare networks. The recent "WannaCry" attack that began on Friday, May 12, however was massive and was reported to have infected more than 230,000 computers in over 150 countries. The attack was aimed at Windows operating systems, particularly older versions. For the uninitiated, ransomware is a malicious software virus that blocks access to the infected computer or network's data or threatens to publish or delete it until a ransom is paid, often in the untraceable cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

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The Price of Business - Marcus Wagner on Why the Cloud is So Important

Marcus Wagner Interviewed by Syndicated Columnist, Kevin Price

Marcus has become a regular contributor to Kevin's show and was recently asked to discuss the trend of businesses migrating their systems to the cloud, and why the cloud or Software-as-a-Service is so powerful. Some topics Marcus covers:

  • The pace of migration to the cloud
  • The benefits of cloud business software
    • Economies of scale
    • Accessibility
    • Agility
  • The risks of standing still
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AcctTwo Customer, Sailpoint, Announces Cloud Adoption Survey Results

As a provider of cloud-based SaaS ERP solutions as well as Business-Process-as-a-Service solutions on the Intacct cloud platform, it always interests us to learn more about trends in cloud adoption among companies and nonprofits of all sizes. So it was especially interesting when one of our customers, Sailpoint, published some results of a survey of 100 of their customers at the Gartner IAM Summit about their plans for cloud adoption.

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The Present and Future of Cloud Accounting for Oil and Gas Companies

Ever since we debunked the myth that energy companies are not in the cloud, I’ve been thinking and doing more research. The question that kept coming to mind was: how strong is the presence of cloud computing and accounting for oil and gas companies today? What about the future of the energy sector? Here is what I found...

Oil and gas companies, big and small, operate in the cloud--as do most of the companies that service the industry. Like I said before, energy companies are in the cloud, but it is a quiet revolution.

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Cloud Myth # 4: The Energy Industry is Not in The Cloud

If you've followed our blog, or heard us talk about cloud adoption in the energy sector, you've heard us say that energy companies are slow to adopt the cloud. It's become a kind of conventional wisdom, and something we just take for granted. But we started to wonder if it's actually true or not.

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Debunking The Top 3 Myths About Accounting In The Cloud

Although it's clear that the cloud is here to stay, from time to time we still have to ease the concerns of CFOs, CEOs, and board members about replacing their accounting system with cloud-based software. They are worried that the cloud is new, and as a result, there is no guarantee the data is safe and accessible. They worry they'll have no control over their data. And often they believe that cloud-based software must be more expensive.

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Hacker Attack on US Hospital Chain Highlights Lack of Cloud Adoption

MedStar, one of the largest hospital chains in the US, crippled by cyber attack

Washington, D.C Area - March 30th, 2016 - While MedStar, the company that runs 10 hospitals in the Washington, D.C. area, has not officially confirmed it was a "ransomware" attack, employees have come forward describing messages on their computers asking for roughly $19,000 in Bitcoins, and giving the company just ten days to pay up. This situation is strikingly similar to a story from just over a month ago, when Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center paid about $17,000 in Bitcoins to regain access to some of its systems.

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