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Highlights From Deloitte's Midmarket Trends Report

Deloitte recently conducted its annual survey of decision makers in midmarket companies. Over 500 participants offered their insights and opinions about the positive and negative forces affecting companies with revenues between $100 million and $1 billion. Any company falling in or close to that range should consider what industry leaders are feeling optimistic and pessimistic about moving forward.

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The Definition of Cloud Computing - Revisited

The cloud has been at the center of the IT conversation for more than a decade now. But for much of that time the discussion has focused on the core benefits of the cloud – cost, simplicity, and flexibility – rather than its ongoing evolution. As a result, we tend to talk about the cloud as it existed 10 years ago rather than how it exists today.

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How Cloud Computing has Changed the Role of the CFO

Until cloud computing became a ubiquitous business solution, almost all IT decisions were up to the CIO. But now that the cloud has shifted the paradigm, other departments are becoming invested and involved with tech like never before. And no one has been impacted more than the CFO. Here are some examples of the new roles these executives are now responsible for.

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The Price of Business - Marcus Wagner on Why the Cloud is So Important

Marcus Wagner Interviewed by Syndicated Columnist, Kevin Price

Marcus has become a regular contributor to Kevin's show and was recently asked to discuss the trend of businesses migrating their systems to the cloud, and why the cloud or Software-as-a-Service is so powerful. Some topics Marcus covers:

  • The pace of migration to the cloud
  • The benefits of cloud business software
    • Economies of scale
    • Accessibility
    • Agility
  • The risks of standing still
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The Present and Future of Cloud Accounting for Oil and Gas Companies

Ever since we debunked the myth that energy companies are not in the cloud, I’ve been thinking and doing more research. The question that kept coming to mind was: how strong is the presence of cloud computing and accounting for oil and gas companies today? What about the future of the energy sector? Here is what I found...

Oil and gas companies, big and small, operate in the cloud--as do most of the companies that service the industry. Like I said before, energy companies are in the cloud, but it is a quiet revolution.

Topics: Oil and Gas Industry Cloud computing Energy and Industrial cloud adoption

How Secure is Your Financial Data in the Cloud?

Top 6 Reasons Your Data is Safe and Secure in the Cloud with Intacct

Is moving to a cloud based accounting solution a wise decision? Well, there are many myths about the cloud, but today let’s concentrate on one: safety.

The cloud – that global network of computers that everybody is talking about – is safe for your accounting data with a reliable software provider like Intacct.

So let's dive into this and look in more detail at how your data is safe in the cloud with Intacct.

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Debunking The Top 3 Myths About Accounting In The Cloud

Although it's clear that the cloud is here to stay, from time to time we still have to ease the concerns of CFOs, CEOs, and board members about replacing their accounting system with cloud-based software. They are worried that the cloud is new, and as a result, there is no guarantee the data is safe and accessible. They worry they'll have no control over their data. And often they believe that cloud-based software must be more expensive.

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Companies are Cloudwashing Their Products AND Their Revenue

In a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, Angus Loten and Kimberly S. Johnson draw attention to something we've been hammering on for a few years now: Cloudwashing, or the practice of painting over traditional IT technology with the word “cloud.” The article quotes Clay Johnson, CIO of GE Power and Water saying:

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SMB Confidence in Cloud-Based Accounting Skyrockets in 2015

Last December we posted a link to Software Advice's Consumer Confidence in Cloud-Based Accounting IndustryView for 2014. That study showed that although small to midsize businesses still lagged behind larger organizations, a majority of them already expressed confidence in cloud accounting solutions. Essentially 2014's report told us that confidence in cloud-based accounting software among small to midsize businesses had reached a tipping point. 

We were therefore eager to find out how things have changed in just one short year. Well the new study is out and the findings are pretty dramatic.

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Article on SaaS in Wall Street Journal Reads Like a Hit Piece

WSJ Article Refers to SaaS in the Past Tense

In an article by Angus Loten and Rachael King published in the Tech section of the Wall Street Journal on Nov. 11, 2015, I found something curious. Software-as-a-Service, or SaaS, one of the most important (and current) technology trends in both enterprise and consumer software, seems to get relegated to the dustbin of history. The main thesis of the article can be summed up in this paragraph:

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