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Enterprise Collaboration Isn't Just about the Tools

For a new and insightful look at enterprise software, processes, trends, and best-practices, there aren't many sites better than Enterprise Irregulars. In a recent post entitled "How much can technology actually improve collaboration?", Dion Hinchcliffe, Chief Strategy Officer for Adjuvi, takes a look at adoption metrics for both enterprise-wide and team-based collaboration software in today's business environment.

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Find Accounting Software: Remote Implementations on the Rise

In a recent article by Adam Bluemner at FindAccountingSoftware.com we found some very interesting information about implementations of financial management software. Remote implementations are on the rise. The two key pieces of information they found after surveying the the thousands of companies they've helped find consultants for:

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How We Work: Workflow and Networking

In our previous articles on How We Work, we talked about how social media is changing the way we interact and collaborate at work, and we explored the early history of workflow and its challenges. In this third installment, we'd now like to talk about how computers and networking have revolutionized workflow, taking us into the 21st Century, and touching on the advances and challenges of today.

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Trends: The Rise of Mobile & Cloud in the Workplace

From Intacct's View from the Cloud blog:

Today we continue with the next installment from our series of videos with eCornell - see first post here. In this edition, Clark Newby discusses some of today’s hottest business and technology trends, including the impact of mobile devices and cloud computing on the workplace.

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How We Work: Early Workflow and its Problems

Around the Track

This is the second in our series about How We Work and, more importantly, how technology has changed, and continues to change that process. Please read the first installment about social media at work. In that article, we explored how social media has changed our personal lives, and now is changing the way we interact and collaborate at work. Social media allows collaboration and workflow to move organically in a free and relatively undefined manner.

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Businesses in 2014: Gun Shy but Optimistic

A sense of optimism buoys business for the upcoming year, but with companies still punchy from the financial calamities of the past few years, you'd better believe that growth and investment will be done with caution and a renewed circumspection. 

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How We Work: The Workplace Becomes Social

This is not a post about using Facebook or Twitter at work, and whether it's productive or should be banned. It seems that businesses have finally come to the conclusion that banning social media in the workplace is not only impossible to do successfully, but it's also counter-productive. It's how we take breaks, how we communicate with our co-workers outside of our work tasks, and how we get information that opens our minds and in the end, can make us more productive. 

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Switching to the Cloud: Be Productive from Any Location

Today we conclude our "Switching to the Cloud" series. If you've missed any of the previous posts, you can access all of them here: http://blog.intacct.com/search/label/Mark%20Gervase.

Rather than attempt to succinctly explain today's trends in mobility by myself, I'm going to borrow the words of an excellent technology analyst, Maribel Lopez, Principal and Founder of Lopez Research. Maribel writes in her blog:

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Industry Insights – A Conversation with Louis Columbus

For our latest Intacct Industry Insights post, we spoke with Louis Columbus, senior manager of Enterprise Strategies with Cincom, an enterprise software development company with a focus on manufacturing and ERP systems. Louis is also a regular contributor to Forbes and created the Cincom Cloud Computing University to help educate customers and resellers on business strategies in the cloud. He also regularly works with Cincom clients and his students at Webster University's graduate program to see how cloud technologies can deliver value to businesses faster and with greater accuracy than would have been possible before.

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Intacct Dashboards, Reports and Approvals on an iPad

For those of you interested seeing Intacct dashboards, reports and approvals on an iPad in action, Intacct's Dan Druker does a great job showcasing the functionality in this YouTube video.

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