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6 Reasons Why Your Old Accounting System Can't Get a Death Grip on You

I subscribe to the Harvard Business Review and constantly find fascinating articles about business, marketing, accounting system software, human resources, and human nature. They are often great to share with your boss and co-workers as you collaborate to improve your business or your company culture. Sometimes you might want to share them, but end up hesitating and reconsidering (see Your Late-Night Emails are Hurting Your Team). Good advice, but better kept to yourself?

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Why Cloud Computing Makes Sense for Faith-Based Organizations and Ministries

This blog post was originally posted to Intacct's View from the Cloud Blog...

Like all nonprofit organizations, faith-based ministries are experiencing increased pressure, oversight, and demand for transparency from all sides. Whether the focus is reporting, funding, or accountability for outcomes, it is critical that ministry organizations have the edge in technology tools that improve their efficiency, reduce costs, and increase their visibility.

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Essential Features of a Modern Accounting System for Professional and Technical Services Companies

Accounting systems are not something you change or replace very often. However, as your professional or technical services company grows in size or complexity, you will reach a point where manual processes are draining your productivity and you struggle to analyze the growing range of your financial and operating data. You’ll need a better way to handle accounting within your services company. You’ll need to modernize your system.

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The Economics of Cloud Financial Software

At first glance, the cost of moving to a new finance and accounting solution might appear daunting. That is, until you look at cloud options. That's the word from The Economics of Cloud Financial Software, a free white paper from Vital Analysis, a subsidiary of TechVentive.

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5 Steps to Finding the Right Accounting Solution for Your Business

Is your staff spending hours creating and updating spreadsheets that are out of date moments after they're saved? Have you had to rely on consultants to craft custom code to accommodate for features missing from your current accounting solution?
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How Do You Change Your Church Ministry Structure in Your Accounting System?

 - "Oh, by the way – we are changing the name of one of our ministries…."

- Accounting department’s response: heavy sigh!!!

I don’t know about you, but working in the finance office of a church is both extremely rewarding and it can also be challenging.

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CFOs Look to the Cloud for Financial Management

Cloud computing continues to grow in popularity–and for good reason. The appealing ability of the cloud to save time, money, and resources is undeniably compelling.

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7 Reasons to Move to Cloud Financials Now

Every month that passes is yet another missed opportunity

If you're considering implementing a new accounting or financial management system, or are simply curious about what technological trends are out there and how they might affect you and your business in the future, it's helpful to turn to the experts - those that cover accounting technology.

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Sophy Lai of AWS Truepower shares the top must haves for a cloud solution

From Nancy Rivas, Intacct Comunity Manager, on Intacct's View from the Cloud Blog:

I recently sat down with Sophy Lai, the CFO at AWS Truepower, LLC and an Intacct MVP. AWS Truepower is a long-time leader and innovator in renewable energy providing technical consulting, software, data, and advisory services for the wind and solar energy markets.

AWS Truepower had been struggling with an outdated, on-premises accounting solution from Sage, when Sophy was tasked with upgrading the company to a modern, cloud-based financial system. 

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Outsourcing Entering a New Phase: More Than Lowering Costs, Adding Value

HFS Research and its blog, Horses for Sources, has become the thought leader for information about the outsourcing and off-shoring industry. In a recent article, Phil Fersht, President and CEO at HFS, shared some insightful information about the state of that industry and how outsourcing services buyers or clients feel about their service providers. You can read Fersht's post here.

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