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AcctTwo Blog

How a Mission Organization Uses Technology to Increase Visibility and Impact

In 1972, Sharon Johnson went to Haiti to direct a choir that was traveling around the country. As she looked into the faces in the crowds, she fell in love with the people of Haiti. She returned each year with her husband, Bob, and over time, they felt the need to provide the people of Haiti with help every day and not just once or twice a year. In 1983 they formed what is today Mission of Hope: Haiti (MOH).

Officially founded in 1998, MOH has since grown from a small mission located on a barren piece of land, to a fruitful organization that now houses an onsite orphanage, medical facility, school, and church. Through partnerships, MOH also serves outside of its property by helping other orphanages, churches, and schools throughout the country.

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What’s in Sage Intacct 2018 Version 3 Release?

Imagine coming into the office one morning to discover your enterprise accounting software has been automatically updated with powerful new features. It also features extensive upgrades and enhancements, along with tweaks designed to improve efficiency and productivity.

Sage Intacct users know exactly what this feels like. The financial management solution is updated once every quarter in ways that dramatically improve its quality and utility. Plus, thanks to the cloud the updates are automatically installed with no input from the user. A big part of why Sage Intacct has become an industry-leading solution is because it effortlessly improves all the time.

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What's in Sage Intacct's Release 2 for 2018?

We're barely halfway through the year, yet Sage Intacct has already released its second major update of 2018. Part of what distinguishes Sage Intacct from other financial management solutions is the rigorous commitment to improvement and innovation. For that reason, the company commits to releasing an update on a quarterly basis.

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Video: Gateway Church Finance Team Discusses the Benefits of AcctTwo and Sage Intacct

Monty Carpenter, Director of Business Administration, and Libni Rodriguez, Director of Project Management, at Gateway Church in Dallas/Ft. Worth talk about their relationship with AcctTwo and the benefits of Sage Intacct's best-in-class accounting and ERP software for churches and faith-based organizations.

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Video: How Much is QuickBooks Costing Your Business Today?

Some AcctTwo customers got on camera to discuss both moving from QuickBooks to Intacct and to AcctTwo's Managed Accounting Services on the Intacct platform.

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AcctTwo Customer Demonstrates the Advantages of Best-in-Class

At AcctTwo, we're incredibly proud of our customers and their accomplishments. Moving to Intacct's on-demand accounting and ERP platform, implementing Adaptive Insight's suite of Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solutions, or taking advantage of AcctTwo's experienced Managed Accounting Services team are in themselves great achievements that show foresight and vision. Our customer, Oryx Midstream Services, is a great example. They were recently highlighted on Intacct's site for leveraging the integration between Intacct and Ariett, another best-in-class software vendor that provides cloud-based procurement solutions.

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Video: Managed Accounting Services with AcctTwo and Intacct

AcctTwo's customers (Bill Weathersby of Energy Water Solutions, Kristi Lanier of WUXI Nextcode, and Kevin Doffing of Sam's Safety) discuss the advantages of AcctTwo's Managed Accounting Services and Intacct.

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Owler's "Hot in Austin" Celebrates the Success of AcctTwo's Customers

RetailMeNot, SailPoint, and Spiceworks receive Owler's "Hot in Austin" Award

At AcctTwo, we're always proud to hear about the successes of our customers. Knowing that our products and services help run the engines of these growing businesses is what gets us up in the morning. We recently learned that Owler's Hot In awards have been extended to Austin-based businesses, and that three of our customers made the list. Owler's Hot in Austin awards recognize companies who "reflect the beat of the city—they exemplify the bustling entrepreneurial spirit that Austinites have instilled in their town."

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Intacct Dimensions: Why it Matters.

Intacct Dimensions - Business Metrics without Exploding Your Chart of Accounts

In today’s fast-paced business environment, senior managers require real-time metrics to measure the performance of their organizations. And, as the need for information increases, the time window to react and make informed decisions decreases.

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Customer Success: How Do We Measure It and How are We Doing?

As a reseller of Software-as-a-Service financial and ERP solutions as well as Business-Process-as-a-Service outsourced accounting, everything we do at AcctTwo requires us to be focused on the success of our customers because we have to win their business each and every year. We are actually obsessed with customer success. In any industry that has moved to a subscription model, you'll hear how important customer success has become. As an example, last year's Software CEO/CFO Outlook survey from SandHill revealed that customer success and customer satisfaction had become the most important initiatives across the Software and Technology sector. I predict that 2016's survey will reveal something very similar.

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