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Managing SaaS Metrics throughout the Company Growth Lifecycle

Fast growth requires fast decisions made with the right information. All companies struggle to do this. But SaaS companies face more challenges. You construct your metrics reports with data you’ve pulled from disparate applications, and then aggregate that data and perform calculations within spreadsheets—typically a time-consuming, error-prone process.

What if you could easily capture and instantly access the detailed metrics you need, right when you need them? What if these metrics shed light on the pitfalls and opportunities ahead, as well as the root causes of performance trends?

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Start Monetizing Your AP Stream in Less Than an Hour

In our daily lives, when we open our wallet to use our American Express card, we get rebates such as cashback and travel privileges. Every forward-thinking CFO has seen the potential to apply this approach in their business to both monetize their AP stream and dramatically reduce the cost of processing checks.

Historically, there have been two major barriers (a) The payments industry has been incredibly manual and (b) Doing this at “AP-scale” has been prohibitively complex and expensive. Well, times have changed.

This eBook will teach you how you can:

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White Paper: Aligning Sales and Finance - No More Compromises

The Business Case for Integrating Salesforce CRM and Cloud Financials

Bringing Sales and Finance Together

ERP and Salesforce needn’t be isolated islands of automation. Sensible, efficient integration is not only possible – it’s becoming a near-mandatory requirement for a growing number of organizations. And it’s possible today. Intacct’s acclaimed cloud ERP solution works seamlessly with Salesforce for sales/finance automation and visibility.

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3 New Approaches for the Data Driven CFO

Driving Performance in Financial Services

Most executives would agree that the decision-making window has been getting smaller with each passing year. Information has become more readily available in real-time, but not all executives and finance leaders are able to take advantage of the data available to them.

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Next Generation Financial Consolidations

Consolidations have been a routine part of many corporate accounting departments for as long as most can remember.
What has changed over time is the complexity and compressed timelines of consolidations

Corporate accounting has long been viewed as the custodian and curator of financial data. However, whether it’s bringing the data together or distributing the financial results broadly, the financial consolidation process has long been an onerous drudgery of information assembly, validation, and reporting. The consolidation process for many corporate accounting groups is sometimes measured in months, often measured in weeks, and rarely measured in days.

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AcctTwo Guide for the Software Accountant Preparing for a New ERP

What Questions Should You and Your Team Be Able to Answer?

So you’ve outgrown your current software accountant solution or ERP system. It’s either an entry level product like QuickBooks or Xero and your business has grown in size and complexity and needs a more sophisticated solution, or you’re embracing the cloud and Software-as-a-Service, and have learned what thousands of other companies have discovered: that with new available technologies, even small to midsize companies can take advantage of ERP sophistication once reserved for much larger enterprises.

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The 2016 Buyer's Guide to Accounting and Financial Software

The Modern CFO’s Balancing Act

Financial leaders today balance the need to manage an increasing level of business complexity with the need for speed. You’re expected to keep your eye on multiple entities with multiple regulatory frameworks and multiple currencies. Think that’s complicated? Now add frequent change to the equation. A monthly financial check-in isn’t good enough for today’s CFO. You need the agility to make decisions at a moment’s notice—and those decisions must be based on the real-time financial truth.

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The 6 Keys to Transforming Your Finance and Accounting Organization – Key #6

For Finance Professionals Who Are Looking to Add Strategic Value to Their Organization

Well, this is it: the sixth post in our series, Implementing Change – The 6 Keys to Transforming Your Finance and Accounting Function.

We’re excited that you’ve decided to take the first step on your journey towards transforming your finance and accounting organization – either through implementing new software, engaging consultants to streamline processes and systems, or outsourcing certain functions.

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Rainy Day Funds for Churches

A Guide to Cash and Liquidity Management

In personal finance, it is a rule of thumb to have between 3-6 months of expenses in a rainy day or emergency fund savings account. The reason for doing this is to protect you against unexpected life events, like losing your job.

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eBook: Best Practices for Choosing Accounting Software

Are you ready to choose your next accounting software?

Are your financial systems plagued by "spreadware"—that gradual expansion of external spreadsheets, custom workarounds, and inflexible processes? Maybe you're ready to step up to a new accounting system.

But choosing the right solution is a high-risk proposition.

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