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This WSJ Article Sure Sounds Familiar

A recent Wall Street Journal article reiterated a point we have been emphasizing for years: When it comes to accounting, Excel is outdated and inadequate for all except the smallest businesses. It is a spreadsheet tool, not an actual piece of financial management software. As a result, it tends to be inefficient and unproductive, particularly for companies geared for growth.

The WSJ cites companies as diverse as P.F. Chang's China Bistro and Wintrust Financial Corp that ran up against the limits of Excel and suffered setbacks as a result. All of them introduced more sophisticated software later, but let's focus on why that was necessary in the first place.

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Spreadsheets in Finance: Manual rollups, errors, needless complexity, and simplistic reporting

We've posted before about the dangers of Excel-based reporting and other spreadsheet pitfalls in finance and accounting. Spreadsheets are an indispensable tool for some personal productivity and job functions, but they can be a hindrance to effective processes and controls in finance and accounting departments.

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Church Finance: 3 Reasons to Dig Yourself out of Excel

Do You Have the POWER?

Since the inception of Excel, almost 30 years ago, Microsoft has been improving the computing power of the spreadsheet. As business intelligence requirements emerged, the need for unique calculations - graphing and macros (automating tasks in a spreadsheet) - became instrumental in the process of gathering and reporting data. For many years, analysts have lived and breathed in Excel. Excel provided users with the ability to produce results with automated computing power.  For those buried in the data, this was a life saver. 

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